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Care And Cleaning - Black & Decker VC2600 Use And Care Book Manual

Black & decker use and care manual aspiradora vacuum cleaner vc2600
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2. With your foot, press the On/Off step-on push button to
start the vacuum cleaner (H).
3. Adjust the suction power by sliding the vacuum suction
control on the hose or on the vacuum canister (J).
4. Press the foot pedal on the sweeper to switch to floors or
carpets (K).
5. As you vacuum, check frequently the bag "full" indicator
on the canister (L). It will change to red when the bag is
full. To empty the permanent bag, see Emptying
Permanent Bag in the Care and Cleaning section.
6. When finished vacuuming, press the On/Off step-on push
button to turn off the unit.
7. Unplug unit.
8. Press the retractable cord step-on push button with your
foot. The cord winds back into the unit (M).
• The cord moves fast when retracting. Stand clear of the
cord as it rewinds so it does not swing into you.
• To prevent cord from whipping when rewinding, hold
plug when rewinding onto cord reel.
Expandable Telescopic Chrome Wand
Use the expandable telescopic chrome wand for a longer reach.
1. To adjust the expandable telescopic chrome wand to the
desired length, release it by pressing the release button
forward as you pull up the wand (N). The expandable
telescopic chrome wand will stay at the set length.
2. Press the release button forward again to bring the
telescopic chrome wand down.
Brush and Crevice Tool
1. The 2-in-1 cleaning tool converts from a crevice tool to a
2. Turn the upper part of the cleaning tool in the direction of
the arrow to use the brush (P).
3. Turn it in the opposite direction and convert the brush
back to a crevice tool (Q).
Helpful Tips
• Use brush to dust furniture, draperies, lamps and shelves.
• Use crevice tool for tight narrow spaces.
The cleaning tool can be attached to either the end of the expandable telescopic
chrome wand or the flexible hose.

Care and Cleaning

This appliance contains no user-serviceable parts. Refer service to qualified service
Important: Always turn off and unplug the unit before cleaning any parts.
Note: To maintain maximum cleaning performance, empty the permanent dust bag
and clean or replace the dust filter and exhaust filter often.
Emptying Permanent Dust Bag
1. Pull lid to open dust bag compartment (R).
2. Grasp dust bag collar and lift it up and out of canister (S).
3. Slide clip off and empty dust bag into trash (T).
Cleaning Permanent Dust Bag
1. If needed, hand wash the dust bag with soap and water.
2. Hang it up to air dry thoroughly before replacing in the
dust bag compartment.



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