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EN: Installation Sheet
The ATS7310 enables alarm reporting via GSM for the following
ATS panels:
ATS Advisor Master: ATS2000, 3000 and 4000 series
ATS Advisor Advanced: ATS1000A series
All reporting formats available through PSTN are fully functional,
including voice reporting and audio listen-in. The GSM module can
be used for primary reporting, as well as backup reporting (using
multiple central stations).
The ATS7310 can establish a reliable connection for remote
up/downloading to and from the ATS panel. In the data mode the
GSM module can establish a connection up to 4800 baud (for
more details and programming options see the Advisor Master
Programming Manual and Advisor Advanced Programming
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Important notes
Disable the PIN code request on your SIM card (via any mobile
For proper operation a GSM card with subscription is
mandatory (not prepaid).
The ATS7310 will only operate (dial/answer) when connected
to the home network.
The backup battery normally wired to the control panel is also
wired to the GSM module. The GSM module checks the
battery operation and disconnects the battery when the
battery voltage drops below 9 volts to preserve the battery
(deep discharge protection).
Make sure the antenna itself is placed outside of the control
The antenna must be mounted on an appropriate distance
from people, e.g. more than 200 mm.
For up/downloading via the GSM module use a SIM card that
has fax and data enabled.
This device can be installed only by a qualified electrician or
other suitable trained and qualified person.

Mounting location

The ATS7310 must be mounted inside an ATS panel housing.
Disconnect the mains power before opening the cabinet.
Disconnect the AC mains plug from the AC mains wall socket,
or disconnect the mains using the dedicated circuit breaker.
Disconnect the battery (when applicable).
P/N 146376999-3 • REV 3.0 • ISS 29OCT09



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