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Sharp KF-56FVMT15WL-CH User Manual page 26

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it with a dry cloth. The cover can be
pulled out for cleaning as shown in the
following figure.
* Open the cover completely.
* Pass the metal pin through the holes
as shown on picture
* Do this process for both hinges.
* Lift up the cover slightly, pull towards
the outside smoothly. The cover will
come out.
* Again place it into hinge holes while
pinning the cover to its place.
Do not clean the oven's cover while
the glass panels are hot. In case this
is not taken, the glass panel may brake
down. Contact to Authorized Service
whenany problem occured.
Requirements Before
Contacting to Service
If the oven does not operate;
The oven may be plugged off, there
has been a blow-out. On models fitted
with a
timer, time may not be regulated.
If the oven does not heat;
The heat may be not adjusted with
oven's heater control switch.
If the interior lighting lamp does not
The electricity must be controlled.
It must be controlled whether the lamps
are defective. If they are defective, you
change them as following the guide.
Cooking ( if lower-upper part does not
cook equally ) ;
Control the shelf locations, cooking
period and heat values according to
the manual.
Except these, if you still have any
problem with your product, please call
to the
"Authorized Service".
Information Related to
If you need any transport;
Keep the original case of product and
carry it with its original case when
needed to
be carried. Follow the transport signs
on case.
Tape the cooker on upper parts, hats
and heads and saucepan carriers to
cooking panels.
Place a paper between the upper
cover and cooking panel, cover the
upper cover,
then tape it to the side surfaces of
Tape cardboard or paper onto the
front cover on interior glass of oven as
it will be
suitable to the trays, for the wire grill
and trays in your oven not to damage
to the
oven's cover during transport.
Also tape the oven's covers to the
side walls.
If it does not have the original case;
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