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General Warnings And Measures - Sharp KF-56FVMT15WL-CH User Manual

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These plugs can be used only in
some countries.
The appliance is adjusted as approp-
riate for 220-240 Volts and 380-415V
3N Volts of electricity. If the network
electricity is different than this infor-
med value, immediately contact to our
authorized service.
For fixed connection, use 3x2,5mm2 or
3x4mm2 sized cable according to app-
liances power and terminal box label.
Your appliance is produced in
accordance with the related security
connected with electrical appliance.
The maintenance and repair works
must be
made just by the authorized service
technician who is trained by the
producer firm.
The installation and repair works
whitout following rules may endanger
Its outside surfaces heat while
your appliance operates. The interior
surfaces of
oven, components that ensures the
heat and steam that goes out are quite
hot. Even
if the appliance is turned off, these
parts hold its heat for a specific time.
Do not touch
onto the hot surfaces. Keep children
Do not leave the cooker while
cooking with solid or liquid oils. There
may be flaming
up on condition of extreme heating.
Never pour water to the flames
occuring from oil.
Cover the saucepan or frypan with its
cover in order to choke the flame that
occured in this case and turn the
cooker off.
The oven and heat adjustment
switches must be adjusted and oven's
clock must
be programmed for cooking in your
oven. Otherwise the oven does not
Do not leave anything on it when the
door or drawer of oven is open. You
unbalance your appliance or break the
Do not put heavy things or
flammable, burnable goods (nylon,
plastic bag, paper,
cloth etc.) into the lower drawer.
Plug it off when you do not use the
Protect your appliance against
atmospheric effects. Do not leave it to
such as sun, rain, snow, powder etc.
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