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Oven Accessories - Sharp KF-56FVMT15WL-CH User Manual

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Oven Accessories

The accessories of your oven may
be different due to the model of your
Wire grid
Fit the grid correctly
into any corresponding rack in the
oven cavity and push it to the end.
Shallow Tray
cavity, put it to any rack and push it
up to the end.
Deep Tray
The deep tray is used to cook stews.
To locate the tray correctly in the cav-
ity, put it on any rack and push it to the
Wire grid is used to
grill or to place
cookwares on it.
tray is used to
bake pastry
such as flans
etc.To locate
the tray
correctly in the
Be sure that all control switches are
off and your appliance cooled before
your oven. Plug off the appliance.
Control whether they are appropriate
and recommended by the
manufacturer before
using the cleaning materials on
your oven. As they may damage the
surfaces, do not
use caustic creams, abrasive cleaning
powders, thick wire wool or hard tools.
In case
the liquids that overflows around your
oven burn, the enameled place may be
damaged. Immediately clean the
overflew liquids.
Cleaning of Inside of Your Oven
Surely plug off the oven before starting
The inside of enameled oven is
cleaned in the best way when the oven
is warm.
Wipe the oven with a soft cloth that
had been hemmed in soapy water after
each use.
Later wipe it with a wet cloth once
more and then dry it. It may be
required to use a
liquid cleaning material from time to
time and make a complete cleaning.
Do not clean
with dry and powder cleansers.
Cleaning of Your Oven's Cover
In order to be able to clean the cover
of your oven from inside and outside,
use a glass cleaner. Then rinse, dry
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