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Accessories Used In Oven - Sharp KF-56FVMT15WL-CH User Manual

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Accessories Used in Oven

You can use glass dishes, cake
molds, special oven trays that are
appropriate for use
in oven, that you are able to assure in
market, apart from the oven trays and
grill wire
chicken roasting skewer that are given
together with your oven. Pay attention
to the
information related to the subject that
were given by the manufacturer firm.
In case small size dishes are used,
place the dish onto the grill wire, as it
completely be on the middle part of
the wire. The following information
must also be
followed for the enameled dishes.
If the food that will be cooked does
not cover the oven tray completely, if
the food is
taken from the deep freezer or the
tray is being used for collection of
juices that
flow during grilling, the form changes
can be observed in tray because of
the high
heat that occur during cooking or
The tray will return to its old form only
when the tray cooled after cooking.
This is a
normal physical event that occurs
during heat transfer.
Do not leave this tray or dish in cold
environment right away after cooking
in glass tray
or dish. Do not put onto the cold and
wet grounds. Place on a dry kitchen
cloth or dish
cross, ensure it to cools slowly.
Otherwise the glass tray or dish may
be broken.
If you will grill in your oven; we
recommend you to use the grill that
was given in tray
together with product. ( If your product
includes this material ) So, the oils that
and flow, will not dirty the inside of
oven. If you will use the big wire grill;
ut a tray onto
one of the lower shelves for oils not to
be collected. Also put some water into
it for
cleaning easiness.
Use 4th and 5th shelves while grilling
and oil the grill for the ingredients that
you will
grill not to stick to the grill.
Oven Cavity
Rack positions
EN - 17
5. Rack
4. Rack
3. Rack
2. Rack
1. Rack



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