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During Usage; During Cleaning And Maintenan- Ce - Sharp KF-56FVMT15WL-CH User Manual

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• The surrounding materials of the
appliance (cabinet) must be able
to withstand a temperature of min

During usage

• When you first run your oven a
certain smell will emanate from the
insulation materials and the heater
elements. For this reason, before
using your oven, run it empty at
maximum temperature for 45 minu-
tes. At the same time you need to
properly ventilate the environment
in which the product is installed.
• During usage, the outer and inner
surfaces of the oven get hot. While
opening the oven door, step back
to avoid the hot steam coming out
of the oven. There may be a risk of
• Do not put flammable or com-
bustible materials, in or near the
appliance when it is operating.
• Always use oven gloves to remo-
ve and replace food in the oven.
• Do not leave the cooker while
cooking with solid or liquid oils.
They may catch fire on condition of
extreme heating. Never pour water
on to flames that are caused by oil.
Cover the saucepan or frypan with
its cover in order to choke the flame
that has occured in this case and
turn the cooker off.
• Always position pans over the
centre of the cooking zone, and
turn the handles to a safe positi-
on so they cannot be knocked or
• If you will not use the appliance
for a long time, plug it off. Keep the
main control switch off. Also when
you do not use the appliance, keep
the gas valve off.
• Make sure the appliance control
knobs are always in the "0" (stop)
position when it is not used.
• The trays incline when pulled out.
Be careful not to let hot liquid spill
• When the door or drawer of the
oven is open, do not leave anything
on it. You may unbalance your app-
liance or break the cover.
• Do not put heavy things or flam-
mable or ignitable goods (nylon,
plastic bag, paper, cloth...etc) into
the drawer. This includes cookwa-
re with plastic accessories (e.g.
• Do not hang towels, dishcloths
or clothes from the appliance or its
During cleaning and maintenan-
• Always turn the appliance off be-
fore operations such as cleaning or
maintenance. You can do it
after plugging the appliance off or
turning the main switches off.
• Do not remove the control knobs
to clean the control panel.
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