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Electric Connection And Security - Sharp KF-56FVMT15WL-CH User Manual

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During the electric connection, surely
follow the instructions below.
The earthing cable must be connec-
ted to the terminal. You have to ensure
cable with insulation to be connected
to the power source during the connec-
tion of
cable. If there is not any appropriate
earthed electric outlet in accordance
regulations in the place where the
appliance will be installed, immediately
contact to
our authorized service.
The earthed electric outlet must be
close to the appliance. Surely do not
use the
extension cord.
The supply cable must not touch to
the hot surface of the product.
In case the supply cable is dama-
ged, surely contact to Qualified Servi-
ce. The
cable must be changed by the authori-
zed service.
The wrong electric connection may
damage your appliance. Such damage
is not
in guarantee extent.
The electric cable must not touch to
the hot parts of appliance. The electric
must not touch the back part of the
appliance. Otherwise the electric cable
appliance may be damaged. And this
situation may cause short circuit.
The producer firm declares that it
has no responsibility against any kind
of damages
and losses that emanate from the follo-
wing security norms.
Provide a means of disconnection
from the supply having an air gap
contact separation of at least 3mm in
all active (phase) conductors. Such
means of disconnection shall be incor-
porated in the fixed wiring according to
the wiring rules.
The appliance is provided for fixed
connection to the power supply. The
of the appliance to an electrical source
must be done by authorized technician.
For fixed connection, use the H05VV,
H05V2V2 or H05RR type supply cord.
Some appliances can be equipped
with special plug (Perilex or Norplug). If
it is necessary, change it with the same
specified spare part.
Use 16A/400V 5 pin for perilex plug
and 25A/250V for Norplug.
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