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Sharp KF-56FVMT15WL-CH User Manual page 13

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when the cooking or
grilling is in use. Yo-
ung children should
be kept away.
• Your appliance is produced in ac-
cordance with all applicable local
and international standards and
• Maintenance and repair work
must be made only by authorized
service technicians. Installation
and repair work that is carried out
by unauthorized technicians may
endanger you. It is dangerous to
alter or modify the specifications of
the appliance in any way.
• Prior to installation, ensure that
the local distribution conditions
(nature of the gas and gas pressure
or electricity voltage and frequency)
and the requirements of the appli-
ance are compatible. The require-
ments for this appliance are stated
on the label.
• CAUTION: This appliance is
designed only for cooking food and
is intended for indoor domestic
household use only and should not
be used for any other purpose or in
any other application, such as for
non-domestic use or in a commer-
cial environment or room heating.
• Do not try to lift or move the appli-
ance by pulling the door handle.
• All possible security measures
have been taken to ensure your
safety. Since the glass may break,
you should be careful while cle-
aning to avoid scratching. Avoid
hitting or knocking on the glass with
• Ensure that the supply cord is not
wedged during the installation. If
the supply cord is damaged, it must
be replaced by the manufacturer,
its service agent or similarly quali-
fied persons in order to prevent a
• While the oven door is open, do
not let children climb on the door or
sit on it.
Installation Warnings
• Do not operate the appliance
before it is fully installed.
• The appliance must be installed
by an authorized technician and put
into use. The producer is notres-
ponsible for any damage that might
be caused by defective placement
and installation by unauthorized
• When you unpack the appliance,
make sure that it is not damaged
during transportation. In case of
any defect; do not use the applian-
ce and contact a qualified service
agent immediately. As the materials
used for packaging (nylon, staplers,
styrofoam...etc) may cause harmful
effects to children, they should be
collected and removed immedia-
• Protect your appliance against
atmospheric effects. Do not expose
it to effects such as sun, rain, snow
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