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Sharp KF-56FVMT15WL-CH User Manual page 16

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Contact to Authorized Service
for mounting of your oven.
There are some factors that must be
paid attention to while installing your
Surely pay attention to our below sug-
gestions in order to be able to prevent
problems and/or dangerous situations
that may occur later.
It can be placed close to other furni-
ture on condition that in the area where
the oven
is set up, the furniture's height must not
exceed the height of the cooker panel.
Pay attention not to place it near the
refrigerator, there must be no flammab-
le or
in flammable materials such as curtain,
waterproof cloth etc. that will begin to
quickly, while selecting place for oven.
It is required there must be at least
2 cm blank space between the back
cover of
oven and wall for air circulation.
The furniture close to oven must be
manufactured resistant to heat more
50 C° of the room temperature.
If the kitchen furniture are higher than
the pan which the oven's cookers are
it must be at least 11 cm away from the
oven's side.
The minimum heights from the
oven's pan and wall cupboards and
paddle boxes
with fan over the oven, are shown as
below. Thus, the paddle box must be at
minimum 650 mm height from the
cooker pan.
If there is no paddle box, this height
must not be less than 700 mm.
This appliance must only be installed
directly on the floor and not on a base.
EN - 9

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