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NEC AccuSync AS221F User Manual page 6

Desktop monitor


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Handle the power cord with care. Damaging the cord could lead to fire or electric shock.
Do not place heavy objects on the cord.
Do not place the cord under the monitor.
Do not cover the cord with a rug, etc.
Do not scratch or modify the cord.
Do not bend, twist or pull the cord with excessive force.
Do not apply heat to the cord.
Should the cord be damaged (exposed core wires, broken wires, etc.), ask your dealer to replace it.
Do not place this product on a sloping or unstable cart, stand or table. It may cause personal injury.
Do not use the monitor if the monitor was dropped or the cabinet is damaged. It may cause an electric
shock or fire.
Do not insert objects of any kind into the cabinet slots, as they may touch dangerous voltage points,
which can be harmful or fatal, or may cause electric shock, fire or equipment failure.
Do not spill any liquids into the cabinet or use your monitor near water.
Immediately turn off the power and unplug your monitor from the wall outlet, then refer servicing to
qualified service personnel under the following condition. If the monitor is used in this condition, the
monitor may fall or cause an electric shock or start a fire:
If liquid has spilled or objects have fallen into the monitor.
When cleaning the monitor:
Do not use flammable gas sprays to remove dust. Doing so lead to fire.
Do not play with the plastic bag which covers the monitor. Do not use this bag for any other purpose. To
avoid the danger of suffocation, do not place this bag over your head, nose or mouth. Do not place this
bag over another person's head, nose or mouth. Keep this bag away from children and babies.
Please install the monitor in accordance with the following information.
When transporting and securely install the monitor, please use as many people as necessary to be able
to lift the monitor without causing personal injury or damage to the monitor.
Improper installation of the monitor may result in damage to the monitor, an electric shock or fire.
Do not install the monitor in the locations below:
・Near a radiator, other heat sources, or in direct sunshine.
・Continual vibration areas.
・Humid, dusty, steamy or oily areas.
・High temperature, Environment where humidity changes rapidly and condensation is likely to occur.
Do not mount the product in any configuration or position not described in the user's manual.


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