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AccuSync AS191WM
AccuSync AS221WM
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  • Page 1 AccuSync AS191WM AccuSync AS221WM User’s Manual...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Registration Information ... English-1 Recommended use ... English-3 Contents ... English-5 Quick Start ... English-5 Controls ... English-8 Specifications - AS191WM ... English-11 Specifications - AS221WM ... English-12 Features ... English-13 Troubleshooting ... English-14 TCO Displays 5.0 ... English-15 Manufacturer’s Recycling and Energy Information ... English-16...
  • Page 3: Warning, Caution

    U.S.A./Canada Voltage 120* *When operating the AccuSync AS191WM/AccuSync AS221WM monitor with its AC 125-240V power supply, use a power supply cord that matches the power supply voltage of the AC power outlet being used. NOTE: This product can only be serviced in the country where it was purchased.
  • Page 4: Fcc Information

    C-UL: Bears the C-UL Mark and is in compliance with Canadian Safety Regulations according to CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1. FCC Information Use the attached specified cables with the AccuSync AS191WM (L197HJ)/AccuSync AS221WM (L227HK) color monitor so as not to interfere with radio and television reception.
  • Page 5: Recommended Use

    Recommended use Safety Precautions and Maintenance FOR OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE, PLEASE NOTE USING THE ACCUSYNC LCD COLOUR MONITOR: • DO NOT OPEN THE MONITOR. There are no user serviceable parts inside and opening or removing covers may expose you to dangerous shock hazards or other risks. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. •...
  • Page 6 CORRECT PLACEMENT AND ADJUSTMENT OF THE MONITOR CAN REDUCE EYE, SHOULDER AND NECK FATIGUE. CHECK THE • For optimum performance, allow 20 minutes for warm-up. • Adjust the monitor height so that the top of the screen is at or slightly below eye level. Your eyes should look slightly downward when viewing the middle of the screen.
  • Page 7: Contents

    Contents Your new NEC AccuSync LCD monitor box* should contain the following: • AccuSync LCD monitor with tilt base • Audio Cable • Power Cord • Video Signal Cable (15-pin mini D-SUB male to 15-pin mini D-SUB male) • Setup Manual •...
  • Page 8 3. Connect the 15-pin mini D-SUB of the video signal cable and Audio Cable to the appropriate connector on the back of the monitor (Figure B.1). Connect the Headphone (not included) to the appropriate connector at the left of the monitor (Figure C.1).
  • Page 9: Removing The Base

    The mounting stand shall be able to sustain at least 21 kg and UL certified. Specifications 4-SCREWS (M4) (MAX depth: 10 mm) If use other screw, check depth of hole. Weight of LCD assembly: AS191WM: 4.3 kg (MAX) Figure R.2 12 mm 4 x 12 mm with lock washer and flat washer 100 mm 100 mm AS221WM: 4.9 kg (MAX)
  • Page 10: Controls

    Controls OSD (On-Screen Display) control buttons on the front of the monitor function as follows: 1. Basic function at pressing each key SELECT Button At No OSD Showing OSD. showing At OSD showing Go to Adjustment stage. (Icon selection stage) At OSD showing Go to Icon selection stage.
  • Page 11: Auto Adjust

    To enter the ECO MODE, press the “1 ECO MODE OFF: Set brightness variable from 0% to 100%. ECO MODE1: AS191WM: Set brightness 80%. AS221WM: Set brightness 70%. This setting can adjust brightness within the range that power has reduced meeting Energy Star measurement condition.
  • Page 12 Carbon meter value is updated each 5 min. INPUT RESOLUTION This function works, when user selects below special input signal timing. AS191WM Select resolution’s priority of input signal to one of the following signal: 1280x768, 1360x768, 1366x768. AS221WM Select resolution’s priority of input signal to one of the following signal: 1280x768, 1360x768 and 1366x768 or 1400x1050 and 1680x1050.
  • Page 13: Specifications - As191Wm

    Specifications - AS191WM Monitor Specifications LCD Module Diagonal: 48.1 cm/19.0 inches Viewable Image Size: 48.1 cm/19.0 inches Native Resolution (Pixel Count): 1440 x 900 Input Signal Video: ANALOG 0.7 Vp-p/75 Ohms Sync: Separate sync.TTL Level (Positive/Negative) Display Colours Analog input: 16,7 M Synchronization Range Horizontal: 31.5 kHz to 81.1 kHz...
  • Page 14: Specifications - As221Wm

    Specifications - AS221WM Monitor Specifications LCD Module Diagonal: 55.9 cm/22 inches Viewable Image Size: 55.9 cm/22 inches Native Resolution (Pixel Count): 1680 x 1050 Input Signal Video: ANALOG 0.7 Vp-p/75 Ohms Sync: Separate sync.TTL Level (Positive/Negative) Display Colours Analog input: 16,7 M Synchronization Range Horizontal: 31.5 kHz to 82.3 kHz Vertical: 56 Hz to 75 Hz...
  • Page 15: Features

    Allows for the monitor to be mounted on a wall or an arm using any third party compliant device. Environmental Impact (AS191WM): Annual typical maximum operating carbon footprint of this monitor (world-wide average) is approximately 26.4 kg (calculated by: rated wattage x 8 hours per day x 5 days a week x 45 weeks per year x Power-to- Carbon conversion factor - conversion factor is based on OECD publication of global CO2 emissions 2008 Edition).
  • Page 16: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting No picture • The signal cable should be completely connected to the display card/computer. • The display card should be completely seated in its slot. • Check front power Switch and computer power switch should be in the ON position. •...
  • Page 17: Tco Displays 5.0

    TCO Displays 5.0 This display is designed for both you and the planet! TCO Certified is a third party verified program, where every product model is tested by an accredited impartial test laboratory. TCO Certified represents one of the toughest certifications for displays worldwide.
  • Page 18: Manufacturer's Recycling And Energy Information

    This monitor features an advanced energy saving capability. When a VESA Display Power Management Signalling (DPMS) Standard signal is sent to the monitor, the Energy Saving mode is activated. The monitor enters a single Energy Saving mode. AS191WM Mode Maximum Operation...

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