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Desktop Monitor
AccuSync AS271F
The regulations for this monitor applied to one of model names listed above.
Please find your model name on the label on the rear side of the monitor.


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for NEC AccuSync AS271F

  • Page 1 User’s Manual Desktop Monitor AccuSync AS271F MODEL: AS271F / AS271F-BK The regulations for this monitor applied to one of model names listed above. Please find your model name on the label on the rear side of the monitor.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Screen Image and Video Signal Issues ......24 Image Persistence ..............25 Hardware Issues..............25 Specifications Chapter 4 AS271F................27 OSD Controls List Appendix A Picture ................29 Setup ..................30 Sound .................29 Information................30 Manufacturer’s Recycling and Energy Information Appendix B Disposing of your old NEC product ........32 Energy Saving ..............32...
  • Page 3: Important Information

    United States and other countries. AccuSync is a trademark or registered trademark of Sharp NEC Display Solutions, Ltd. in Japan and other countries. ErgoDesign is a registered trademark of Sharp NEC Display Solutions, Ltd. in Austria, Benelux, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, U.K.
  • Page 4: Registration Information

    The Federal Communications Commission does not allow any modifications or changes to the unit EXCEPT those specified by Sharp NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc. in this manual. Failure to comply with this government regulation could void your right to operate this equipment.
  • Page 5: Recommended Use

    Recommended Use Safety Precautions and Maintenance FOR OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE, PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING WHEN SETTING UP AND USING THE LCD COLOR MONITOR: About the Symbols To ensure safe and proper use of the product, this manual uses a number of symbols to prevent injury to you and others as well as damage to property.
  • Page 6 ARRIRN Handle the power cord with care. Damaging the cord could lead to fire or electric shock. • Do not place heavy objects on the cord. PROHIBITED • Do not place the cord under the product. • Do not cover the cord with a rug, etc. •...
  • Page 7 ARRIRN Prevent tipping and falling for earthquakes or other shocks. To prevent personal injury or damage to the product caused by tipping over due to earthquakes or other shocks, make sure to install the product in a stable location and take measures to prevent PROHIBITED falling.
  • Page 8 ARRIRN Do not spill any liquids into the cabinet or use your product near water. Immediately turn off the power and unplug your product from the wall outlet, then refer servicing to qualified service personnel. It may cause an electric shock or start a fire. DO ROT ET Do not use flammable gas sprays to remove dust when cleaning the product.
  • Page 9 CAUTIOR Handling the power cord. Handle the power cord with care. Damaging the cord could lead to fire or electric shock. • When connecting the power cord to the product’s AC IN terminal, make sure the connector is REQUIRED fully and firmly inserted. •...
  • Page 10 CAUTIOR Do not connect headphones to the product while you are wearing them. Depending on the volume level, it may damage your ears and cause loss of hearing. PROHIBITED Do not play with the plastic bag which covers the product. Do not use this bag for any other purpose.
  • Page 11 Image Persistence Image persistence occurs when a residual or “ghost” image of a previous image remains visible on the screen. Unlike CRT monitors, LCD monitors’ image persistence is not permanent, but a still image being displayed for a long period of time should be avoided.
  • Page 12 Ergonomics CORRECT PLACEMENT AND ADJUSTMENT OF THE MONITOR CAN REDUCE EYE, SHOULDER, AND NECK FATIGUE. CHECK THE FOLLOWING WHEN YOU POSITION THE MONITOR: To realize the maximum ergonomics benefits, we recommend the following: • For optimum performance of the monitor, allow 20 minutes for warming up. Avoid reproduction of still patterns on the monitor for long periods of time to avoid image persistence (after image effects).
  • Page 13: Product Features

    Product Features • Reduced Footprint Provides a good solution for environments with space constraints without sacrificing the size of the screen and its superior image quality. Color Control Systems • Allow you to adjust the colors on your screen and customize the color accuracy of your monitor to a variety of standards. •...
  • Page 14: Installation

    Installation Chapter 1 This Chapter Includes: > “Parts Name and Functions” on page 13 > “Connections” on page 15 > “Setup” on page 16 > “Flexible Arm Installation” on page 18 English−12...
  • Page 15: Parts Name And Functions

    Parts Rame and Functions Control Panel Item Function 1 LED Indicates that the power is on. 2 Power Turns the monitor on and off. 3 EXIT button When the OSD menu is closed, it opens the VIDEO INPUT menu (When selecting AUTO input, the monitor selects the active signal input automatically).
  • Page 16: Terminal Panel

    Terminal Panel 7 Security Slot 8 Label 1 AC IN Connector 2 Audio IN 4 HDMI IN 6 Headphone 3 DisplayPort IN 5 VGA IN 1 AC IR Connector 5 VNA IR (mini D-Sub 15-pin) Connects with the supplied power cord. Analog RGB signals input.
  • Page 17: Connections

    Connections Video Input Connections • VGA (mini D-Sub 15-pin) – Analog video signal connection to a computer. Video only, no audio signal. • HDMI – High definition digital video and audio signal connection to a computer, streaming media player, Blu-ray player, game console, etc.
  • Page 18: Setup

    Connecting to a Computer with DisplayPort • To output the sound, select the [SOUND] - [SOUND INPUT] - [DISPLAYPORT] in the OSD menu. • Please use a DisplayPort cable with the DisplayPort compliance logo. • It may take a moment for the signal to appear after turning on the computer. •...
  • Page 19 To connect the monitor to your system, follow these instructionsG ROTEG: Make sure to read “Recommended Use” on page 3 before installation. 1. Turn off the power to your computer. 2. Place the monitor face down on a non-abrasive surface. 3.
  • Page 20: Adjustable Stand Capability

    Adjustable Stand Capability Hold the monitor on each side and adjust tilt as desired. CAUTIORG Tilt Flexible Arm Installation This monitor is designed for use with a flexible arm. Contact us for more information. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the display mount. Remove the monitor stand before mounting. CAUTIORG: To meet the safety requirements, the monitor must be mounted to an arm that supports the weight of the monitor.
  • Page 21: Mount The Flexible Arm

    Mount the Flexible Arm Using four screws that meet the specifications listed below, attach the arm to the monitor. Screw (M4) Washer Mounting Thickness of bracket Bracket and washer 100 mm Unit 6 - 10 mm 100 mm Figure F.1 CAUTIORG •...
  • Page 22: Basic Operation

    Basic Operation Chapter 2 This Chapter Includes: > “Using the OSD (On-Screen Display) Controls” on page 21 > “Changing the Input” on page 22 > “Power management function LED indicator patterns” on page 22 English−20...
  • Page 23: Using The Osd (On-Screen Display) Controls

    Using the OSD (On-Screen Display) Controls OSD (On-Screen Display) control button on the front of the monitor function as follows: To access the OSD menu, press the ERTER button. • PICTURE BRIGHTNESS SOUND ECO MODE SETUP CONTRAST INFOMATION DV MODE COLOR USER GREEN...
  • Page 24: Changing The Input

    Changing the Input Changing the Input To change the signal input, press the EXIT button. ROTEG: When selecting AUTO input, the monitor selects the active signal input automatically. For HDCP Content HDCP is a system for preventing illegal copying of video data sent over a digital signal. If you are unable to view material via the digital inputs, this does not necessarily mean that the monitor is not functioning properly.
  • Page 25: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Chapter 3 This Chapter Includes: > “Screen Image and Video Signal Issues” on page 24 > “Hardware Issues” on page 25 > “Image Persistence” on page 25 English−23...
  • Page 26: Screen Image And Video Signal Issues

    Screen Image and Video Signal Issues Ro picture • Make sure the signal cable is fully connected to the monitor and the computer. • Make sure there is no DisplayPort converter adapter connected. The monitor does not support DisplayPort converter adapter.
  • Page 27: Hardware Issues

    Hardware Issues button does not respond • Unplug the power cord of the monitor from the AC outlet to turn off and reset the monitor. Message “OUT OF RARNE” is displayed (screen is either blank or shows rough images only) •...
  • Page 28: Specifications

    Specifications Chapter 4 This Chapter Includes: > “AS271F” on page 27 English−26...
  • Page 29: As271F

    AS271F Monitor Specifications AccuSync AS271F Rotes LCD Module Diagonal: 68.58 cm / 27 inches Active matrix; thin film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal Viewable Image Size: 68.58 cm / 27 inches display (LCD); 0.311 mm dot pitch; 250 cd/m white Native Resolution: 1920 x 1080 60 Hz luminance;...
  • Page 30: Osd Controls List

    OSD Controls List Appendix A This Chapter Includes > “Picture” on page 29 > “Sound” on page 29 > “Setup” on page 30 > “Information” on page 30 Default values can be provided on request. English−28...
  • Page 31: Picture

    Picture Picture Menu BRIGHTNESS Adjusts the overall image and background screen brightness. ECO MODE Decreases the amount of power consumption by reducing the brightness level. Sets the brightness variable range from 0% to 100%. Sets the brightness variable range from 0% to 80%. Sets the brightness variable range from 0% to 40%.
  • Page 32: Setup

    Setup Setup Menu EXPANSION Sets the Zoom method. FULL The image is expanded to full screen regardless of the resolution. ASPECT The image is expanded without changing the aspect ratio. RESPONSE IMPROVE May reduce blurring that occurs in some moving images. LANGUAGE Selects the language used by the OSD.
  • Page 33 Energy Information This Chapter Includes: > “Disposing of your old NEC product” on page 32 > “Energy Saving” on page 32 We are strongly committed to environmental protection and sees recycling as one of the company’s top priorities in trying to minimize the burden placed on the environment.
  • Page 34: Disposing Of Your Old Nec Product

    All required information concerning the disposal of the product and country-specific information on recycling facilities can be found on our following websites: (in Europe), (in Japan) or (in USA). Energy Saving This monitor features an advanced energy saving capability. When a Display Power Management signal is sent to the monitor, the Energy Saving mode is activated.

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