How To Use - Black & Decker CTO100 Series Use And Care Book Manual

Black & decker use and care manual countertop convection oven cto100 series
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Product may vary slightly from what is illustrated.
1. Bake preheating gauge
2. Power indicator light
3. Toast and Bake/Broil temperature control
4. 120-minute bake timer
5. Toast shade selector
6. Convection switch
† 7. Slide rack (Part # 14582101)
† 8. Slide-out crumb tray
(Part # 1471110213710303 (W)) (Part # 1471110213710304 (B))
9. Ergonomic door handle
†10. Bake pan (Part # 14581201)
†11. Broil rack (Part # 14581301 )
12. Extra-deep curved interior
†Consumer replaceable
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How to Use

This product is for household use only.
Getting Started
• Remove packing materials and any stickers.
Important: For warranty verification, please do not remove line cord sticker.
• Wash all parts as instructed in the Care and Cleaning section.
• Select a location for the unit. Leave some space between the back and top of the unit and your
cabinet and walls to allow heat to flow without damaging counter space.
• Insert the crumb tray underneath the bottom heating elements.
• Plug the unit into a standard outlet.
Using Slide Rack
The slide rack must be used for all cooking functions. It may be inserted into either the upper or
lower rack slot. It can also be inverted for two additional positions.
Convection oven has 2 slots with 4 rack positions
Upper slot (use rack positions 1 and 2)
Lower slot (use rack positions 3 and 4)
Slide Rack Positions
1 - top up
3 - bottom up
1. Insert the slide rack in the lower slot (rack position (3)). It is not necessary to preheat the oven
for toasting.
2. Set the toast shade selector as desired. For best results, select the medium setting for your first
cycle, then adjust lighter or darker to suit your taste.
3. Be sure to turn temperature control to TOAST ON. The POWER indicator light comes on and
stays on during the toasting cycle. When toasting is done, the signal bell sounds. The oven
automatically shuts off and the POWER indicator light goes out.
4. To momentarily stop toasting at any time, open the oven door. The heating elements and the
POWER indicator light go out. Close the door to resume toasting. The heating elements and the
POWER indicator light turn back on.
2 - top down
4 - bottom down

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