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Servicing - Andrews ECOflo Series Installation And Service Manual

High efficiency condensing storage water heaters for natural gas and propane.
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The following maintenance should be performed by a qualified
service technician at the minimum periodic intervals suggested
below. In some installations, the maintenance interval may be
more frequent depending on the amount of use and the
operating conditions of the water heater. Regular inspection and
maintenance of the water heater will help to insure safe and
reliable operation.
1. Annual checks of the ignition systems (millivolt and
electronic), temperature controls and any other water
heater controls are necessary to ensure proper operation.
Also, all safety shut-off valves must be checked to verify
proper operation and tightness.
2. The flow of combustion and ventilation air MUST NOT be
restricted. Clear the combustion air openings of any dirt,
dust, or other restrictions. WARNING! The combustion
ventilation system may be HOT.
3. At all times keep the water heater area clear and free f
from combustible materials, gasoline and other flammable
vapors and liquids.
4. Bi-annually conduct a visual check of the pilot and burner
flames to determine that they are burning properly. See
"Burner Flame Check" section for example of proper burner
flame pattern.
5. Annually remove the main burner rack assembly to clean
orifices and related parts of any dirt or other foreign material.
Inspect the burner ports for obstructions or debris and clean
with a wire brush, vacuum, or use a mild detergent solution
to clean as needed.
It is imperative for proper operation of the water heater
that the main burner rack be replaced in the original
When lifting lever of the combination temperature
and pressure relief valve, hot water will be released
under pressure. Be careful that any released water
does not result in bodily injury or property damage.
Keep clear of the combination temperature and
pressure relief valve discharge line outlet.
The discharge may be hot enough to cause scald
injury. The water is under pressure and may splash.
6. At least once a year, check the combination temperature and
pressure relief valve to insure that the valve has not become
encrusted with lime. Lift the lever at the top of the valve
several times until the valve seats properly without leaking
and operates freely.
IMPORTANT- If the combination temperature and
pressure relief valve on the appliance discharges
periodically, this may be due to thermal expansion in a
closed water supply system. Contact the water supplier
or local plumbing inspector on how to correct this
situation. Do not plug the combination temperature and
pressure relief valve outlet.
Issue 2 14/07/16


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