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Andrews RSC 150 Installation And Operation Manual

Natural gas fired storage water heaters room sealed appliance permanent pilot, auto ignition.
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Natural Gas Fired
Storage Water
Room Sealed
RSC 150
RSC 190
Permanent Pilot,
Auto Ignition
July 2007
Part No. E104


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 AND SERVICE MANUAL Natural Gas Fired Storage Water Heaters Room Sealed Appliance MODELS RSC 150 RSC 190 Permanent Pilot, Auto Ignition T H I S M A N U A L M U S T K E P T W I T H...
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  • Page 3 The Andrews Water Heaters policy is one of continuous product improvement, and therefore the information in this manual, whilst completely up to date at the time of publication, may be subject to revision without prior notice.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS PAGE SECTION 1 GENERAL AND SAFETY INFORMATION General Information British Standards and Codes of Practice Health and Safety Regulations 1993 Effectiveness in Combating Legionellae SECTION 2 TECHNICAL DATA SECTION 3 INSTALLATION Location Flue Systems Air Supply and Ventilation Electrical Supply (Auto Ignition) Water Connections Water Quality &...
  • Page 5: General And Safety Information

    SECTION 1 GENERAL AND SAFETY INFORMATION The Andrews Water Heater has been designed for use with NATURAL GAS only and is GENERAL manufactured to give an efficient, reliable and long service life. INFORMATION To ensure the continued, trouble-free operation of your heater at maximum efficiency, it is essential that correct installation, commissioning, operation and service procedures are carried out strictly in accordance with the instructions given in this manual.
  • Page 6: Health And Safety Regulations 1993

    1993 Andrews Water Heaters should only be used in the manner and purpose for which they were intended and in accordance with the instructions in this manual. Although the heaters have been manufactured with paramount consideration to safety, the basic safety precautions highlighted in this manual must be observed by the user.
  • Page 7: Technical Data

    Standard Flue Run Dimensions Concentric Flue Minimum Service Clearance External Flue diameter 125mm (5”) Return Via Drain Port Internal Flue diameter 80mm (3”) ANDREWS MODEL NO. RSC 150 RSC 190 SI Metric Imperial SI Metric Imperial A Height of Heater 1264 mm ⁄...
  • Page 8: Installation

    INSTALLATION SECTION 3 THE LAW REQUIRES THAT INSTALLATION IS CARRIED OUT BY A PROPERLY QUALIFIED PERSON Install in accordance with current British Standard Code of Practice 342 part 2 and British Standards 5440, 5546, 6644, 6700, 6798 and 6891. LOCATION The location chosen for the heater must permit the provision of a satisfactory flue and an adequate air supply.
  • Page 9: Air Supply And Ventilation

    SECTION 3 INSTALLATION RSC150 & RSC190 Flue Fitting Instructions Fit heater adaptor D1 to heater ensuring correct location on primary flue spigot from heater. (Use 4 self tapping screws provided). Fit flue restrictor ring D7 into heater adaptor D1 The correct size of restrictor for each heater model and installation is shown on page 5.
  • Page 10 INSTALLATION SECTION 3 Note: - Both air vents must communicate with the same room or internal space or must both be on the same wall to outside air. Air vents should have negligible resistance and must not be sited in any position where they are likely to be easily blocked or flooded or in any position adjacent to an extraction system which is carrying flammable vapour.
  • Page 11: Electrical Supply (auto Ignition)

    SECTION 3 INSTALLATION External wiring to the water heater(s) must be installed in accordance with current ELECTRICAL I.E.E. Regulations for the wiring of buildings and to any Local Regulations that may apply. SUPPLY - The Auto Ignition Heater is designed to operate from a 220/240V, 1Phase supply. AUTO IGNITION The fuse rating is 5 amps.
  • Page 12: Water Connections

    100-150 ppm (7-10 degrees Clark) and above - a number of water treatment devices are available. When specifying or installing Andrews water heaters in hard water areas we would recommend that a specialist in this area of operation is consulted.
  • Page 13: Vented Systems

    SECTION 3 INSTALLATION The water heater must be supplied from a cold water feed cistern and the hot water WATER supply pipe must be fitted with an open vent pipe in accordance with BS 5546. Local CONNECTIONS regulations and bye-laws must be observed when installing the system but typical water VENTED SYSTEMS service layouts are shown in Fig.
  • Page 14 The Andrews range of storage water heaters can be used on unvented hot storage water systems with the addition, to the standard heater, of an "Unvented Systems Kit" Part No. B213 obtainable from Andrews Water Heaters. All fittings and materials must be suitable for use with drinking water and listed in the current Water Research Centre "Materials and Fittings Directory".
  • Page 15: Unvented Systems

    SECTION 3 INSTALLATION Fig. 4 Unvented Systems Kit Part No. Description B213 Complete Unvented System Kit Comprises C780 Pressure Reducing Valve C781 Expansion Valve / Check Valve E319 Expansion Vessel E320 Temperature / Pressure Relief Valve E321 ⁄ ”x ⁄ ”...
  • Page 16 INSTALLATION SECTION 3 WATER CONNECTIONS Balanced Cold F F 3 3 Water Take-off Expansion Vessel (if required) F F 4 4 Temperature/ Pressure Relief F F 8 8 Valve Wall Bracket Assembly F F 7 7 Hose Assembly Cold Water Inlet to Water Heater F F 2 2...
  • Page 17: Gas Connections

    SECTION 3 INSTALLATION WATER CONNECTIONS Hot water service Cold Water Take Off Secondary Return Cold Water Inlet Check Valve Fig. 6 Typical Installation, To drain Unvented System THE APPLIANCE MUST ONLY BE USED WITH NATURAL GAS. CONNECTIONS The installation of the gas supply should conform to the requirements of IM/16 published by British Gas p.l.c.
  • Page 18: Commissioning

    COMMISSIONING SECTION 4 CAUTION: DO NOT OPERATE THE WATER HEATER UNTIL THE STORAGE VESSEL IS COMPLETELY FILLED WITH WATER, WITH WATER RUNNING FROM ALL HOT TAPS. CONNECTIONS Open the main gas supply cock after all connections to the gas control thermostat are complete, and test all connections with soap solution.
  • Page 19: Auto Ignition

    SECTION 4 COMMISSIONING LIGHTING THE Thermostat Control On/Off Switch BURNER Knob AUTO IGNITION Gas Control valve 1. Ensure gas supply is on. 2. Set thermostat control knob to the required water temperature. (See below). 3. Ensure time switch if fitted is in the ON position. 4.
  • Page 20 Many repetitions of this over a short time period result in accumulation of excessively hot water in the upper part of the tank, even when the thermostat control is within limits. This is known as stacking. If in doubt contact Andrews Water Heaters.
  • Page 21: Servicing

    SECTION 6 SERVICING Whilst giving the following instructions for the care of the Andrews Water Heater, we would recommend that an arrangement is made with your local gas region or installer to carry out periodic checks of the appliance to ensure trouble free operation and continued satisfaction.
  • Page 22: Flueway

    SERVICING SECTION 6 The burner should be checked annually. The flueway and baffle should be checked if FLUEWAY sooting occurs and if necessary cleaned as follows:- 1. Depress slightly the gas control knob and turn to "OFF". Remove outer burner cover and inner cover.
  • Page 23: Fault Finding

    SECTION 7 FAULT FINDING FAULT ACTION (a) Check gas cock is open. 1. WATER DOES NOT (b) Check water valves are open. GET HOT (c) Check that pilot is alight. (d) Check thermostat setting. (Reset to higher temperature). (e) Check gas pressures at burner and at gas inlet to appliance. (f) Check cold inlet dip tube to see if it is broken or missing (see Fig.
  • Page 24 FAULT FINDING SECTION 7 AUTO FAULT ACTION IGNITION UNITS (a) Check gas service cock is open. IGNITION AT PILOT (b) Electrical ON/OFF switch is not ON. (c) Power to unit interrupted. (d) Thermostat set too low. (e) Check ECO for failure. Reset. (f) Check for 24V AC at intermittent pilot ignition control terminal No.
  • Page 25 SECTION 8 PARTS LIST AND ILLUSTRATION RSC150/RSC190 Model RSC150 RSC190 Part No. Part No. Description E080 E081 Data Plate E085 E086 Hot Outlet Nipple / Anode E087 E088 Hydrojet Cold Inlet Dip Tube C247 C247 3/4” NPT/BSP Nipple C381 C381 Drain Cock C103 C103...
  • Page 26 PARTS LIST AND ILLUSTRATION RSC150/RSC190 SECTION 8 Model RSC 150 RSC 190 Part No. Part No. Description E072 E072 Heater Adaptor E069 E069 0.5m Flue E073 E073 Horizontal Terminal c/w Wall Plates E071 E071 90˚ Bend E067 E067 Vertical Terminal...
  • Page 27: Parts Lists And Illustrations

    SECTION 8 PARTS LIST AND ILLUSTRATIONS 24 Volt Auto System Kit B217 24 Volt Auto Part No. Description System Kit B217 24 Volt Auto System Kit Complete Standard Range C521 On/Off Switch C641 Mains Indicator Light E113 Intermittent Pilot Ignition Control E115 Transformer E116...
  • Page 28 NOTES...
  • Page 29 NOTES...
  • Page 30 Andrews Water Heaters Wood Lane, Erdington, Birmingham B24 9QP Tel: 0845 070 1055 Fax: 0845 070 1059 Sales: 0845 070 1056 Technical: 0845 070 1057 Service: 0845 070 1058 Email: 07/07...

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