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Commissioning; Maintenance & Servicing; Maintenance Requirements - Andrews BUFFER-GL200-8 Installation And Service Manual

Glass lined buffers.
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NOTE: The water discharged may be very hot.
Primary Heat source (when fitted)
Connect up primary heat source as per manufacturers instructions. Fill up primary and secondary
circuits, bleeding any air that may be trapped and check for leaks. The Andrews range of buffers do not
have an internal heat ex- changer. Take care that the Primary Heat source can handle the working
pressure of the cylinder.
Maintenance & Servicing

Maintenance requirements

To ensure the continued optimum performance of the Andrews buffer it should be regularly
maintained. This is of particular importance in hard water areas or where the water supply
contains particulate matter. Maintenance should be carried out by a competent person and
any replacement parts used should be authorised Andrews buffer spare parts. It is
recommended that maintenance is carried out every 12 months and includes the checks
detailed below.
In hard water areas consideration should be given to periodically descaling the immersion heater
elements. To do this the Andrews buffer unit will need to be drained.
NOTE: The water discharged may be very hot.
Draining the Buffer
Switch off the electrical supply to the primary heat source. Turn off the water supply to the unit.
Attach a hosepipe to the drain valve having sufficient length to take water to a suitable discharge
point below the level of the unit, at least one metre below the unit is recommended. Open drain
valve. If water fails to drain from the Andrews buffer vent the unit by a suitable point on the
Refilling system
DO NOT switch on the primary heat source until the system has been
completely refilled.
Close the drain valve, refill the system, and vent from suitable purge points on the system. When
water flows from the purge points allow to flow for a short while to purge air and to flush through
any disturbed particles. Close vent points and then open successive vents in system to purge any
air. The electrical supply can now be switched on.


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