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Andrews CSC39 Installation Manual, Operation And Service Manual

Natural gas, propane & butane fired storage water heaters.
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Auto Ignition
February 2008
Part No. E191


Table of Contents

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  • Page 2 the nation’s favourite PLUMBING & HEATING SUPPLIES FREE SHIPPING SECURE PAYMENTS on all orders over £100 to mainland UK shop online with confidence FINANCE AVAILABLE PRICE MATCH spread the cost with low interest rates always get the best deals available we have H U G E R E D U C T I O N S...
  • Page 3 The Andrews Water Heaters policy is one of continuous product improvement, and therefore the information in this manual, whilst completely up to date at the time of publication, may be subject to revision without prior notice.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS PAGE SECTION 1 GENERAL AND SAFETY INFORMATION General Information British Standards and Codes of Practice Health and Safety Regulations 1993 Effectiveness in Combating Legionellae SECTION 2 TECHNICAL DATA SECTION 3 INSTALLATION Introduction Location Gas Supply - Natural Gas Gas Supply - LPG (Propane or Butane) Gas Electrical Supply Flue Systems Air Supply and Ventilation...
  • Page 5: General And Safety Information

    SECTION 1 GENERAL AND SAFETY INFORMATION The Andrews Water Heater has been designed for use with NATURAL GAS OR LPG GENERAL (PROPANE OR BUTANE) GAS only and is manufactured to give an efficient, reliable and INFORMATION long service life. To ensure the continued, trouble-free operation of your heater at maximum efficiency, it is essential that correct installation, commissioning, operation and service procedures are carried out strictly in accordance with the instructions given in this manual.
  • Page 6: Health And Safety Regulations 1993

    1993 Andrews Water Heaters should only be used in the manner and purpose for which they were intended and in accordance with the instructions in this manual. Although the heaters have been manufactured with paramount consideration to safety, the basic safety precautions highlighted in this manual must be observed by the user.
  • Page 7: Technical Data

    SECTION 2 TECHNICAL DATA DIMENSIONS CSC39 CSC59 CSC78 CSC93 ANDREWS MODEL NO. CSCL39 CSCL59 CSCL78 CSCL93 Storage Capacity CLEARANCES Recovery thro' 44ºC/80ºF 1149 1517 1808 gal/h Recovery thro' 56ºC/100ºF 1213 1445 gal/h Heat Input Gross Btu/h 150,128 225,192 300,256 361,672...
  • Page 8 TECHNICAL DATA SECTION 2 Horizontal or 1168mm Vertical Flue Minimum 615mm CSC39 and CSC59 Alternative Flue Systems Service Minimum clearance Service with clearance Adaptor standard with Correx Anodes. Anodes. Cold Water Inlet 1 “ B.S.P. Drain or Return 3/4” B.S.P.
  • Page 9: Installation

    SECTION 3 INSTALLATION INTRODUCTION THE LAW REQUIRES THAT INSTALLATION IS CARRIED OUT BY A PROPERLY QUALIFIED PERSON Installations must be carried out in accordance with Gas safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998, Building Regulations, The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 and any requirements of the local Gas Authority, Local Authority, Water and Fire Authorities and the current British Standards and Codes of Practice listed in Section 1.
  • Page 10: Gas Supply Natural Gas

    INSTALLATION SECTION 3 GAS SUPPLY The installation of the gas supply must conform, depending on it's size, to the requirements of British Standards and Codes of Practice listed in Section 1 of this manual. NATURAL GAS A gas meter will be connected to the service pipe by British Gas plc or it's authorised contractor.
  • Page 11 SECTION 3 INSTALLATION Contact Calor Gas who will provide the appropriate type and size of LPG supply vessel GAS SUPPLY and ensure it's safe location and installation. PROPANE OR BUTANE The installation of the gas supply must conform to LPGA Code of Practice, 22 LPG Piping Systems: Design and installation plus the requirements of British Standards and Codes of Practice listed in Section of this manual.
  • Page 12 INSTALLATION SECTION 3 Regulator Set to BULK STORAGE give 37 mbar (14.86” Wg) VESSEL Propane 1” Heavy Steel Sleeved INSTALLATION Pipe Through Wall Regulator normally Gas emergency fitted at tank control at entry point to building Steel Liner sealed to To bulk Supply pipe at inside end Installation of...
  • Page 13: Electrical Supply

    SECTION 3 INSTALLATION External wiring to the water heater(s) must be installed in accordance with current I.E.E. ELECTRICAL Regulations for the wiring of buildings and to any Local Regulations that may apply. SUPPLY The Auto Ignition Heater is designed to operate from a 220/240V, 1Phase supply. The fuse rating is 5 amps.
  • Page 14: Flue Systems

    INSTALLATION SECTION 3 Your Andrews Water Heater is a Direct Fan Flued Gas Water Heater where all air for FLUE combustion is obtained from the outside atmosphere and all flue gases are charged to the SYSTEMS outside atmosphere. The flue system is a single coaxial (pipe within pipe) design where the flue products are discharged through the inside flue tube and the combustion air supply surrounds the flue surrounded by the outside pipe.
  • Page 15 SECTION 3 INSTALLATION Installation Procedure HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL Determine location of flue exit. DIRECT FLUE 1. The supplied kit includes a horizontal (through the wall) flue terminal, an elbow, LENGTHS flue connector clamps and 2m (6.5ft) of coaxial flue pipe. The 150mm (6in) diameter flue system is also supplied with a 200mm (8in) to 150mm (6in) reducer for the waterheater flue connection.
  • Page 16 INSTALLATION SECTION 3 FLUE Optional Components for 150mm (concentric) (6in) Diameter Flue Size SYSTEMS Quantity Flue Length Part Description Part Number 1 mtr Flue Pipe with clamp E202 1 mtr Cutable Flue Pipe with clamp E203 0.5 mtr Flue Pipe with clamp E204 90º...
  • Page 17 SECTION 3 INSTALLATION FLUE INSTALLING THE FLUE TERMINAL SYSTEMS NOTE! The horizontal flue terminal supplied may be used through outside walls up to 600mm (24in) thick. 1. Horizontal flue Terminal (Through the Wall) supplied a) Cut an opening of at least 165mm (6.5in) diameter through the outside for the 58.7kWh input models or 216mm (8.5in) for the 88kWh and 105.6kWh input models.
  • Page 18 INSTALLATION SECTION 3 2. Vertical Flue Terminal (Through the Roof - Optional) FLUE a) Determine the exact location where the roof flue terminal will exit the roof, ensuring SYSTEMS the flue system clears all obstructions. For pitched roofs, the flue cap must be the distance above the roof line as specified, (300mm to base of Flue Clamp, minimum).
  • Page 19 SECTION 3 INSTALLATION FLUE Straight End SYSTEMS (Ungasketed) Gasket End Ribs Locked Beneath Fig 7. Gasketed Clamp g) The last pipe section may be cut to fit the distance required to reach the water heater flue connections. First, install the supplied condensate trap with crimped end into the gasketed end of the elbow (horizontal flue installations) and clamp the condensate tee and elbow together.
  • Page 20: Air Supply And Ventilation

    INSTALLATION SECTION 3 The following notes are intended to give guidance: AIR SUPPLY Where the heater is to be installed in a room, NO VENTS ARE REQUIRED. Where the heater is to be installed in a compartment, permanent air vents are required in VENTILATION the compartment at high and low level.
  • Page 21 SECTION 3 INSTALLATION AIR SUPPLY IMPORTANT: 1. The effective area requirements specified in the table are related to the maximum heat VENTILATION input of of the heater(s), and are equivalent to those specified in BS6644 and IGE/UP/10 Pt.1 2. The free area of the grilles should not be less than the size of the recommended ventilation opening.
  • Page 22: Water Quality And Treatment

    100 - 150ppm (7 - 10 degrees Clark) and above. This problem can be minimised by reducing the water temperature in the heater and by fitting suitable water pre- treatment equipment. When installing Andrews Water Heaters in hard water areas we would recommend that a water treatment specialist is consulted. Hydrojet System Fig.
  • Page 23: Water Connections

    SECTION 3 INSTALLATION WATER The water heater must be fed from a cold water feed cistern or static water tank. CONNECTIONS A safety valve must be fitted as specified in BS 6644 Clause 9. VENTED SYSTEMS The safety valve must be fitted either directly to an upper tank tapping or not further than 1 metre along the outlet flow pipe of size not less than the safety valve.
  • Page 24: Vented Systems

    INSTALLATION SECTION 3 WATER CONNECTIONS VENTED SYSTEMS Open Vent Stop Valve Overflow Cold Water Feed Optional Hot Water Service Cold Water Cistern Hot Water Service Secondary Return Cold Water Check Valve Inlet Valve Fig 10. Typical Installation Vented System...
  • Page 25 The heater can be used on unvented hot water storage systems, with the addition of an Unvented Systems Kit, part number B228 available from Andrews Water Heaters. See Parts List Page 37. The Wall mounting assembly is available as an optional extra.
  • Page 26 INSTALLATION SECTION 3 If higher flow rates are required for the cold water services, a suitable tee fitting should WATER be fitted to the pipework, upstream of item C1. CONNECTIONS The pipework fitted to the tundish outlet should be one size larger than the outlet pipe of the safety device and should be terminated at a suitable drain.
  • Page 27: Commissioning

    SECTION 4 COMMISSIONING CAUTION! DO NOT OPERATE THE WATER HEATER UNTIL THE STORAGE VESSEL IS COMPLETELY FILLED WITH WATER, WITH WATER RUNNING FROM ALL HOT TAPS. Open the main gas supply cock after all connections to the gas control are completed and test all connections, using proprietary leak detection fluid.
  • Page 28: Shutting Off The Burner

    COMMISSIONING SECTION 4 Shutting Off The Burner 1. For long periods only, (7 days or more) move electrical ON/OFF switch to OFF, then turn gas control knob to OFF . Turn off gas service cock. For shorter periods, leave heater under thermostat control. Brown Gas control PV/MV Yellow...
  • Page 29: User's Safety Guide

    SECTION 4 COMMISSIONING USER'S SAFETY For your safety read before lighting the appliance. GUIDE WARNING 1. Always follow manufacturer's instructions when lighting the appliance. Failure to do so may result in damage to property, personal injury or loss of life. 2.
  • Page 30: Operation

    OPERATION SECTION 5 When properly installed and adjusted, the heater will require minimal attention. Should it become necessary to completely drain the heater, follow instructions given in Section 4, Commissioning. Whenever the heater is filled with cold water, condensation will form on the storage vessel surfaces when the burner is lit.
  • Page 31: Servicing

    SECTION 6 SERVICING INTRODUCTION Servicing must be carried out by a properly qualified person. Whilst giving these instructions for the care of the Heater, it is recommended that checks are carried out by the installer or local gas authority, at least annually. Ensure good ventilation by keeping the heater free of extraneous materials and clear of dust and lint.
  • Page 32: Burner Assembly

    SERVICING SECTION 6 Annually, remove the main burner rack assembly to clean orifices and related parts of any BURNER dirt or other foreign matter. Inspect the burner ports for obstructions or debris and clean ASSEMBLY with a wire brush, vacuum, or use a mild detergent to clean as necessary. Inspect the pilot.
  • Page 33: Combined Temperature And Pressure Relief Valve

    SECTION 6 SERVICING Check the condition and operation of this component at least once a year to ensure COMBINED it is free from limescale deposits. TEMPERATURE AND PRESSURE Lift the lever at the top of the valve several times until the valve seats properly without leakage and operates freely.
  • Page 34: Fault Finding

    FAULT FINDING SECTION 7 FAULT ACTION WATER DOES (a) Check gas service cock is open. NOT GET HOT (b) Check water valves are open. (c) Check thermostat setting. (reset to higher temperature) HEATER SOOTING, (a) Check gas burner. If possible, check heat input with meter YELLOW FLAME and watch.
  • Page 35: Parts Lists And Illustrations

  • Page 36 PARTS LIST AND ILLUSTRATIONS SECTION 8 CSC39 CSC59 CSC78 CSC93 Model CSCL39 CSCL59 CSCL78 CSCL93 Ref. i r c i r c c i f l a i E223 E223 E223 E223 Flue Ba e C521 C521 C521 C521 On / O Switch .
  • Page 37 SECTION 8 PARTS LIST AND ILLUSTRATIONS 150mm (6in) Flue Kit 200mm (8in) Flue Kit...
  • Page 38 PARTS LIST AND ILLUSTRATIONS SECTION 8 150mm (6in) Ref. Part No. Description Flue Kit E205 90˚ Elbow with Clamp E202 1 mtr Flue with Clamp E236 Horizontal Flue Terminal E209 Wall Clamp (Not Shown) E237 Large Stepped Adaptor Connection Clamp E238 200mm (8in) to 150mm (6in) Reducer E203...
  • Page 39 SECTION 8 PARTS LIST AND ILLUSTRATIONS CSC39, 59, 78 & 93, CSCL39, 59, 78 & 93 Unvented System Kit Unvented System kit CSC39, 59, 78 & 93, CSCL39, 59, 78 & 93 Parts List Ref. Part No. Description B228 Unvented Systems Kit Complete...
  • Page 40 Notes...
  • Page 41 Notes...
  • Page 42 Andrews Water Heaters Wood Lane, Erdington, Birmingham B24 9QP Tel: 0845 070 1055 Fax: 0845 070 1 059 Sales: 0845 070 1056 Technical: 0845 070 1057 Service: 0845 070 1058 Email: 02/08...

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