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Conference Phone Navigation; Conference Phone Softkeys; Conference Phone Screen - Cisco 8832 User Manual

Ip conference phone
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Conference Phone Navigation

Use the Navigation bar to scroll through menus. Use the inner Select button of the Navigation bar to select menu
If a menu item has an index number, you can enter the index number with the keypad to select the item.

Conference Phone Softkeys

You can interact with the features on your phone with the softkeys. Softkeys, located below the screen, give you
access to the function displayed on the screen above the softkey. The softkeys change depending on what you
are doing at the time. The ¡¡˜ and ˜¡¡ softkey indicate more softkey functions are available.

Conference Phone Screen

The phone screen shows information about your phone such as directory number, active call status, and
softkeys. The screen is made up of three sections: the header row, the middle section, and the footer row.
At the top of the screen is the header row. The header row displays the current date and time, and the
phone number.
The middle of the phone screen displays the information associated with the calls or line.
The bottom row of the screen contains the softkey labels. Each label indicates the action for the
softkey button below the screen.
Clean the Phone Screen
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P a g e
If your phone screen gets dirty, wipe it with a soft, dry cloth.
Do not use any liquids or powders on the phone because they can contaminate the
phone components and cause failures.
Cisco IP Phone 8832 Series User Guide


Table of Contents

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