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Retrieve A Call On Hold With Call Park; Forward Calls; Transfer A Call To Another Person - Cisco 8832 User Manual

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Retrieve a Call on Hold with Call Park

You can pick up a parked call from anywhere in your network.
Before you begin
You need the number that was used to park the call.
Press *66 plus the parking slot #
Step 1
You are now connected with the caller in that parking slot #.
Step 2

Forward Calls

You can forward calls from your phone to another number.
There are two ways of forwarding your calls:
• Forward all call
• Forward calls in special situations, such as when the phone is busy or there is no answer.
When a phone is forwarded, you see the Forward all
Step 1 When the phone is inactive, press Fwd All.
Step 2 Enter the call forward target number exactly as you would dial it from your phone, or select an entry from
your list of recent calls.
Transfer Calls
You can transfer an active call to another person.

Transfer a Call to Another Person

When you transfer a call, you can stay on the original call until the other person answers. This way, you can talk
privately with the other person before you remove yourself from the call. If you don't want to talk, transfer the call
before the other person answers.
You can also swap between both callers to consult with them individually before you remove yourself from the
Step 1 From a call that is not on hold, press Transfer.
Step 2 Enter the other person's phone number.
Step 3 (Optional) Wait until you hear the line ring or until the other person answers the call.
Step 4 Press Transfer again.
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