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Answer A Call Left On Hold For Too Long; Swap Between Active And Held Calls; Place A Call On Hold With Call Park - Cisco 8832 User Manual

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Answer a Call Left on Hold for Too Long

When you've left a call on hold too long, you'll be notified with these cues:
• Single ring, repeating at intervals
• Flashing LED bar
• Visual notification on the phone screen
Press Answer to resume the held call.

Swap Between Active and Held Calls

You can easily switch between active and held calls.
Press Swap to switch to the held call.
Call Park
You can use your phone to park a call. You can then retrieve the call either from your phone or another phone,
such as a phone at a coworker's desk or in a conference room.
A parked call is monitored by your network so you won't forget about it. If the call remains parked for too long, you
hear an alert. You can then answer, decline to answer, or ignore the call on your original phone. You can also
continue retrieving it from another phone.
If you don't answer the call within a certain length of time, it's routed to voicemail or another destination, as set by
your administrator.
A parked call occupies one line.

Place a Call on Hold with Call Park

You can park an active call that you answered on your phone and then use another phone to retrieve the call.
You can also park a call on your own phone. If so then you may not hear a recording.
You can park only one call at the call park number.
Before you begin
Your call must be active.
Press Transfer
Step 1
Dial *62
Step 2
Your phone plays a recorded message that asks for the number of the parked call.
Wait to hear the parking slot #
Step 3
Hang up.
Step 4
Step 5 (Optional) Communicate the parked number to the person retrieving the call.
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