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Conference Calls And Meetings - Cisco 8832 User Manual

Ip conference phone
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Consult Before You Complete a Transfer
Before you transfer a call, you can talk to the person that you're transferring the call to. You can also swap
between that call and the call that you're transferring, before you complete the transfer.
Before you begin
You have an active call that needs to be transferred.
Step 1 Press Transfer.
Step 2 Enter the other person's phone number.
Step 3 Press Swap to return to the held call.
Step 4 Press Transfer to complete the transfer.

Conference Calls and Meetings

You can talk with several people in a single call. You can dial another person and add them to the call.
When you add more than one person to a conference call, wait a few seconds between adding participants.
As the conference host, you can remove individual participants from the conference. The conference ends when
all participants hang up.
Add Another Person to a Call
When you are on a call, you can add someone else to your conversation.
Step 1 From an active call, press Conf.
Step 2 Enter a number.
Step 3 Press Conf.
Swap Between Calls Before You Complete a Conference
You can talk to a person before you add them to a conference. You can also swap between the conference call
and the call with the other person.
Step 1 Call a new conference participant, but do not add the participant to the conference.
Wait until the call is connected.
Step 2 Press Swap to toggle between the participant and the conference.
View and Remove Conference Participants
If you create a conference, you can view the details of the last 16 participants who join the conference. You can
also remove participants.
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Table of Contents

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