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Recent Calls List; View Your Recent Calls - Cisco 8832 User Manual

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Recent Calls

Recent Calls List

Use the Recents list to see the 150 most recent individual calls and call groups.
If your Recents list reaches the maximum size, the next new entry overwrites the oldest entry in the list.
Calls in the Recents list are grouped if they are to and from the same number and are consecutive. Missed calls
from the same number also get grouped.

View Your Recent Calls

Check to see who's called you recently.
Select Recents.
When the phone is in the idle state, you can also view the Recent calls list by pressing the Navigation cluster up.
Return a Recent Call
Step 1 Select Recents.
Step 2 Select the call record that you want to dial.
Step 3 Press Call.
Clear the Recent Calls List
Step 1 Select Recents.
Step 2 Press Option.
Step 3 Press Delete List.
Delete a Call Record
Step 1 Select Recents.
Step 2 Highlight the individual record or call group that you want to delete.
Step 3 Press Option > Delete Entry.
Step 4 Press Ok again to confirm.
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