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Operation - Bosch AKE 30-19 S Original Instructions Manual

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– Place the chain saw on any suitable flat surface.
– Turn locking knob 15 approx. 1 – 3 turns anticlockwise to
loosen the chain bar.
– Check if the chain links are correctly located in the slot
around the chain bar 12 and on the drive sprocket 18.
– Turn the red chain-tensioning ring 14 clockwise ratcheting
until the correct chain tension is reached. The ratchet
mechanism prevents the chain tension from loosening. If
the chain-tensioning ring 14 is hard to turn, loosen the
locking knob 15 further in anticlockwise direction. The
locking knob 15 may also turn, when adjusting the chain-
tensioning ring 14.
– The saw chain 11 is correctly tensioned when it can be
raised approx. 3 – 4 mm from the chain bar in the centre.
This should be done by using one hand to raise the saw
chain against the weight of the machine.
– If the saw chain 11 is overtensioned, turn the chain-ten-
sioning ring 14 in anticlockwise direction.
Clamping the Chain Bar
– When the chain 11 is tensioned, clamp the chain bar 12 by
turning the locking knob 15 in clockwise direction. Do not
use a tool for this.
Saw-chain Lubrication
(see figures A–B)
Note: The chain saw is not supplied filled with oil. It is essen-
tial to fill with oil before use. Operating the chain saw without
chain oil or when the oil level is below the minimum mark will
result in damage to the chain saw.
Chain life and cutting capacity depend on optimum lubrica-
tion. Therefore, the chain is automatically lubricated with
chain oil during operation via the oil outlet 19.
Bosch Power Tools
Filling the oil reservoir:
– Set chain saw on any suitable surface with the oil filler cap
4 facing upward.
– Clean area around the oil filler cap 4 with a cloth and un-
screw the cap.
– Do not remove filter insert during filling.
– Add chain saw oil (preferably biodegradable) until the
maximum oil level gauge.
– Avoid dirt or debris from entering the oil reservoir. Screw
on oil filler cap 4 again and tighten.
Note: Important: To allow venting of the oil reservoir, small
breather channels are provided between the oil filler cap and
the strainer. To prevent leakage ensure chain saw is left in a
horizontal position (oil filler cap 4 uppermost) when not in
Note: It is important to use only chain saw oil (preferably bio-
degradable) to avoid damage to the chain saw. Never use re-
cycled/old oil as doing so will invalidate the warranty.


Initial Operation
 Observe correct mains voltage! The voltage of the pow-
er source must agree with the voltage specified on the
nameplate of the machine. Power tools marked with
230 V can also be operated with 220 V.
Switching On and Off
3 – 4 mm
Hold the chain saw as described in section "Working with the
Chain Saw".
To start the machine, first push the lock-off button for the
On/Off switch 3 and then press the On/Off switch 2 and keep
it pressed.
When the machine is running, the lock-off button can be re-
leased again.
To switch off the machine, release the On/Off switch 2.
Note: For safety reasons, the On/Off switch 2 cannot be
locked; it must remain pressed during the entire operation.
Note: Do not stop chain saw after sawing by actuating the
front hand guard 5 (activating the kickback brake).
Run-down Brake/Kickback Brake (see figure D)
The chain saw is equipped with two safety features:
The run-down brake stops the saw chain after releasing the
On/Off switch 2.
The kickback brake is a safety mechanism activated through
the front hand guard 5 when kickback occurs. Chain stops im-
The following function check should be carried out at regular
intervals. Push the front hand guard 5 forward (position )
so that the red dot 28 under the mark 6 becomes visible, and
briefly start the chain saw. The saw chain must not start. To
deactivate the kickback brake again, pull the front hand guard
5 back (position ), so that the red dot 28 under the mark 6
is covered.
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