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Initial Operation; Working With The Chain Saw - Bosch Ake 30-19 S Original Instructions Manual

Bosch ake chainsaw original instructions
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Initial Operation

Observe correct mains voltage! The voltage
of the power source must agree with the
voltage specified on the nameplate of the
machine. Power tools marked with 230 V
can also be operated with 220 V.
Switching On and Off
Hold the chain saw as described in section

"Working with the Chain Saw".

To start the machine, first push the lock-off but-
ton for the On/Off switch 3 and then press the
On/Off switch 2 and keep it pressed.
When the machine is running, the lock-off but-
ton can be released again.
To switch off the machine, release the On/Off
switch 2.
Note: For safety reasons, the On/Off switch 2
cannot be locked; it must remain pressed during
the entire operation.
Note: Do not stop chain saw after sawing by ac-
tuating the front hand guard 5 (activating the
kickback brake).
Run-down Brake/Kickback Brake
(see figure D)
The chain saw is equipped with two safety fea-
The run-down brake stops the saw chain after
releasing the On/Off switch 2.
The kickback brake is a safety mechanism acti-
vated through the front hand guard 5 when kick-
back occurs. Chain stops immediately.
The following function check should be carried
out at regular intervals. Push the front hand
guard 5 forward (position
28 under the mark 6 becomes visible, and briefly
start the chain saw. The saw chain must not
start. To deactivate the kickback brake again,
pull the front hand guard 5 back (position
that the red dot 28 under the mark 6 is covered.
F 016 L70 667 | (30.4.10)
Working with the Chain Saw
Before Cutting
Before starting operation and periodically dur-
ing cutting, carry out the following checks:
– Is the chain saw in a fail-safe condition?
– Is the oil reservoir filled? Check oil level gauge
– Is the saw chain properly tensioned and
– Is the kickback brake deactivated and its
– Are you wearing the required protective
Kickback (see figure D)
Kickback is the sudden backward/upward mo-
tion of the chain saw, occuring when the chain
(at the tip of the chain bar) comes in contact
with a log or wood, or when the chain becomes
When kickback occurs, the chainsaw reacts un-
predictable and can cause heavy injuries to the
operator or bystanders.
Particular attention must be given when sawing
) so that the red dot
sidewards, slanted or during length cuts, as the
gripping teeth 13 usually can not be applied.
To avoid kickback:
), so
– Saw with the chain bar at a flat angle.
– Never work with a loose, widely stretched or
– Sharpen the saw chain as specified.
– Never saw above shoulder height.
prior to starting and regularly during opera-
tion. Refill oil when oil level has reached the
bottom edge of the viewing glass. The oil tank
filling will last approx. 15 minutes, depending
on sawing intensity and stops.
sharp? Check chain tension every 10 minutes
during operation. Upon initial operation, new
chains can lengthen considerably. The condi-
tion of the chain influences the cutting per-
formance. Only a sharp chain protects from
function ensured?
equipment? Wear safety glasses and hearing
protection. Further protective equipment for
head, hands, legs and feet is recommended.
Suitable protective clothing reduces the dan-
ger of injury from thrown about cutting mate-
rial and accidental touching of the saw chain.
heavily worn out saw chain.
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