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Bosch AKE 30-19 S Original Instructions Manual page 10

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For products not sold in GB:
WARNING: For your safety, it is required that the plug 24 at-
tached to the machine is connected with the extension cord
25 as shown. The coupling of the extension cord must be pro-
tected against splash water, be made of rubber or coated with
rubber. The extension cord must be used with a cable strain
The connection lead must be inspected for signs of damage at
regular intervals and may only be used if in perfect condition.
If the supply cable on the product is damaged, it must only be
replaced by a Bosch Service Centre.
Mounting and Tensioning the Chain
 Do not connect the chain saw to mains before it is com-
pletely assembled.
 Always wear protective gloves when handling the
Chain and Chain Bar Assembly (see figure A)
– Unpack all parts carefully.
– Align the 2 arrows on the chain-tensioning ring 14 and the
cover 16 (
– Place the chain saw on any suitable flat surface.
 Use only chains with a drive link thickness of 1.1 mm.
– Slide the saw chain 11 in the slot around the chain bar 12.
Ensure the saw chain is in the correct running direction by
comparing the saw chain with the rotation symbol 17. Take
care that the chain tensioning catch 23 faces outward. The
saw chain 11 is slid on easier when holding the chain bar
12 vertical.
– Fit the chain links around the drive sprocket 18 and mount
the chain bar 12 in such a manner that the guide fins 20 in
front and behind the fastening bolt 21 engage into the key-
way of the chain bar 12.
F 016 L81 143 | (7.12.16)
– Check if all parts are seated properly and hold the chain
bar and the chain in this position.
– Fit the cover 16 exactly, check that arrows are still aligned
and take care that the chain catch bolt 22 engages into the
groove of the cover plate 16.
– Lightly tighten the cover 16 with the locking knob 15.
– The chain is not yet tensioned. The saw chain is tensioned
as described in section "Tensioning the Saw Chain".
Tensioning the Saw Chain (see figure A)
Always check the chain tension before use, after the first cuts
and regularly during use approx. every 10 minutes. Upon ini-
tial operation, new chains can lengthen considerably.
The chain life of the saw chain mainly depends upon sufficient
lubrication and correct tensioning.
Avoid tensioning the chain if it is hot, as this will cause the
chain to become overtensioned and face too tightly against
the chain bar when it cools down.
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