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Troubleshooting; Maintenance And Cleaning - Bosch AKE 30-19 S Original Instructions Manual

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The following chart lists problem symptoms, possible causes and corrective action, if your machine does not operate properly.
If these do not identify and correct the problem, contact your service agent.
 Warning: Switch off and remove plug from mains before investigating fault.
Possible Cause
Chain saw fails to operate
Kickback brake is activated
Plug not connected
Mains socket faulty
Fuse faulty/blown
Extension cable damaged
Chain saw operates
Mains cable defective
External or internal wiring defect
On/Off switch 2 defective
Saw chain dry
No oil in reservoir
Vent in oil filler cap 4 clogged
Oil passage clogged
Brake does not stop saw
Kickback brake/run-down brake defective Contact your Bosch Service Centre
Saw chain/guide bar hot
No oil in reservoir
Vent in oil filler cap 4 clogged
Oil passage clogged
Chain tension too high
Dull saw chain
Chain saw rips, vibrates,
Chain tension too loose
does not saw properly
Dull saw chain
Chain worn out
Chain teeth are facing in the wrong

Maintenance and Cleaning

 Warning! Switch off, remove plug from mains before
adjusting, cleaning or if cable is cut, damaged or entan-
If the replacement of the supply cord is necessary, this has to
be done by Bosch or an authorized Bosch service agent in or-
der to avoid a safety hazard.
Note: To ensure long and reliable service, carry out the follow-
ing maintenance regularly.
Regulary check the chain saw for obvious defects such as
loose, dislodged or damaged saw chain and chain bar, loose
fixings and worn or damaged components.
When disassembling the saw chain, take care that the chain is
first loosened with the chain tensioning ring 14. Disassembly
of the chain saw without first loosening the saw chain can
damage the chain saw.
Check that covers and guards are undamaged and correctly
fitted. Carry out necessary maintenance or repairs before us-
F 016 L81 143 | (7.12.16)
Corrective Action
Pull activation lever for kickback brake (hand
guard) 5 back in position , so that the red dot 28
is covered
Connect plug
Use another socket
Replace fuse
Try without extension cable
Check mains cable and have it replaced, if required
Contact your Bosch Service Centre
Contact your Bosch Service Centre
Refill oil
Clean oil filler cap 4
Clean oil passage
Refill oil
Clean oil filler cap 4
Clean oil passage
Tension saw chain
Sharpen saw chain or replace
Tension saw chain
Sharpen saw chain or replace
Replace saw chain
Reassemble with chain in correct direction
Note: Before returning the chain saw, ensure all oil in the oil
reservoir has been emptied. For this, remove the sieve from
the reservoir, empty the reservoir and replace the sieve again.
Replacing/Changing the Saw Chain and Chain Bar
(see figure A)
Check the saw chain and chain bar according to section "Ten-
sioning the Saw Chain".
The circular groove of the chain bar will wear particularly on
the lower edge with time. When replacing the saw chain, turn
the chain bar by 180° to allow even wear, thus extending
chain bar life.
Reverse the chain tensioning catch 23 by removing the
screws and refitting it on the opposited side.
Check the drive sprocket 18. If it is worn out or damaged due
to strain, have it exchanged by an authorized Bosch after-
sales service.
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