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Service Features; Serviceability; Upgrading - Canon CLC 5100 Service Manual

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V. Service Features


Canon U.S.A., Inc. recommends that a Quality Assurance Visit be performed
every 50,000 copies to ensure machine reliability and copies of the highest
quality. Quality Assurance requires the cleaning, checking, and replacement
of parts as necessary for specific areas.
Assurance Visits will depend on the following conditions: monthly copy
volume, environment, type of originals copied, and customer handling of the
copier equipment. Refer to the Periodic Replacement Parts on Page 11,
Consumable Parts on Page 12, and the Periodic Maintenance Items on Page
14 for further details.


The CLC 5100/4000 is equipped with two DIMMs (4 MB and 2 MB each)
on which a flash ROM is mounted; one of the DIMMs is used to store
firmware for the reader controller (4 MB) and the other is used to store the
firmware for the DC controller (2 MB). A Personal Computer is required to
upgrade the firmware.
between the personal computer and the CLC 5100/4000 to enable high-
speed data transmission. The required time to complete the upgrade is
approximately ten minutes.
The firmware may be upgraded in any of two ways:
The following Bicentronics I/F cable is required: One end of the cable should have a TYPE A connector prescribed by IEEE1284
(25 pin, for PC connection). The other end should have a TYPE B connector (38 pin, for copier connection). Cables conforming
to the IEEE1284 are marked "IEEE Std. 1284 compliant".
CLC 5100/4000 Service Guide
The frequency of the Quality
Use Bicentronics I/F cable
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Replacing the DIMM
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CLC 5100/4000 Service Guide
as an interface
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