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Introduction; Master Spm Illustration; Before You Begin; Switching Instrument On And Off - Honeywell SPM Technical Handbook

Single point monitor
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1.1 Introduction

The SPM combines the well-proven Chemcassette
Detection System and microprocessor control to achieve
optimum detection speed, accuracy, and specificity. It
responds quickly to hazardous releases, yet ignores
other commonly used chemicals.
The SPM is very easy to operate and maintain. The
SPM can quickly be set up for monitoring, and routine
maintenance requires less than three hours annually.
These Operating Instructions provide all the information
needed to operate and maintain the SPM Single Point
Monitor. Read them thoroughly before using your new

1.2 Master SPM Illustration

The front of this manual contains an illustration of the
SPM together with a numbered legend of all important
parts and controls. Throughout the manual, parts and
controls are identified with the same legend number
used on the illustration.

1.3 Before You Begin

1. Read these Operating Instructions carefully.
2. Attach sample and exhaust tubing.
3. Connect auxiliary devices such as remote
4. Supply power to the instrument.
When monitoring for certain gases, there may be
limits on the length of sample lines. See
for more information.
SPM Technical Handbook
SPM Single Point Monitor
The SPM should not be operated in direct
sunlight or at elevated temperatures unless
equipped with appropriate options. See
for proper operating temperature range.
Except for instrument maintenance procedures
covered in this manual, all repair and service
work must be referred to qualified personnel.

1.4 Switching Instrument On and Off

To switch the SPM Single Point Monitor on and off,
press the main power switch (8) on the front panel of
the instrument. When the SPM is switched on, the digital
display (19) will scroll the following information:
Gas Type
Alarm Levels
If power is disrupted while the instrument is monitoring,
it will automatically resume monitoring when power is
Whenever the SPM has been switched off for more than
two hours, advance the Chemcassette
inches to position fresh tape in the detector head (17).
To manually advance the tape, open the tape load lever
(18) and rotate the take-up reel (27) clockwise.
For ChemKey operation only—Some newer ChemKeys
will require a Chemcassette
by the instrument. In these cases, the SPM will display
(Unknown Chemcassette
However, your ChemKey unit will function correctly
if the correct Chemcassette
tape (7) a few
that may not be recognized
) or (Proper Chemcassette
is installed.



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