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Introduction - Honeywell IAQPoint2 Technical Manual

Indoor air quality monitor
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The IAQPoint2 indoor air quality monitor features a simple-to-use, customizable
touchscreen display along with triple monitoring of indoor air quality parameters
(carbon dioxide or volatile organic compounds, plus temperature and humidity)
and facilitates demand-controlled ventilation� The IAQPoint2 monitor can increase
energy efficiency in commercial buildings by triggering fan activation as a
standalone solution or via a building automation system�
Honeywell Analytics' IAQPoint2 monitor replaces the IAQPoint and 90DM4 models�
The monitor has been designed for ease of installation and versatility in use� CO
volatile organic compound concentrations can be measured for demand-controlled
ventilation� Temperature and relative humidity can also be monitored, eliminating
the need for additional indoor air quality sensors� The display model features a
highly-customizable graphical touchscreen display�
Figure 1. For wall-mounted applications: touchscreen display (left) and non-display models (right)
Figure 2. For duct-mounted applications: touchscreen display (left) and non-display models (right)


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