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Preparing The Opening; Installation - GE Profile JP350AAAA Installation Instructions Manual

30" electric cooktop
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The following MINIMUM clearance dimensions must be
• To insure accuracy, it is best to make a template
when cutting the opening in the counter. See Figure
2 for all necessary dimensions.
• Thirty inches (30") minimum vertical clearance from the
cooktop to the nearest unprotected overhead surface.
• One and one half inches (1 1/2") minimum on the right
and two and one half inches (2 1/2") minimum clearance
on the left from counter unit to side wall to a height of
eighteen inches (18").
• Make sure the wall coverings, countertop and cabinets
around the range can withstand heat (up to 200 ° F)
generated by the range, oven or cooktop.
13" MAX. Depth
of unprotected
overhead cabinets
30" MIN.
clearance from
countertop to
overhead surface
2 1/2" MIN.
clearance from
cutout to side
wall on the left
of the unit
• (1 3/4") between counter unit rear edge and wall
behind unit.
• (2 1/2") between front edge of counter unit and the
front edge of the counter.
• Five inches (5") minimum vertical clearance between
the cooktop bottom and any combustible surface.
1 1/2" MIN.
clearance from
cutout to side
wall on the right
of the unit
18" MIN.
height from
countertop to
nearest cabinet on
either side of unit
Fig. 1
29 1/2"
19 3/8"
1 3/4"
28 1/2"
2 1/2" MIN.
*NOTE: Depth of the unit at the conduit location
(right rear) is 4 3/4".


material and literature from the
cooktop before connecting any
electrical supplies.
Before installing the counter unit or moving it to another
location, have the electrician verify:
• That your home is provided with adequate electrical
• That the addition of the counter unit will not overload
the household circuit on which it is used.
Install an approved junction box where it will be easily
reached through the front of the cabinet where the
counter unit will be located. The counter unit has 3 feet
of conduit.
20 1/2"
3 3/8"
28 1/2"
19 5/8"
Remove all packing
Fig. 2



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