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GE JP340 Owner's Manual

Radiant cooktop
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Dual Smface
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Glass Cooktop
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Safe_In_ruedons ..Operating Instrudions .p340 Cook_<_re Tips .... 7, 8 .p 5o Dual Smface U_3it ..Smfi:tce Units ....TempenmHe Limited ..Care Cleaning Control Knobs ..... Glass Cooktop ..10, 11 Troubleshoodng Tips ..Consumer Support (:onsm_e_ Support..
  • Page 2: Safety Precautions

    IMPOgTANT SAFETY tNFOgMA770N. READALL/NSTgUC770N$BEFORE USING For your safety, Ne information in Nis manual must be followed to minimRe the risk of fire or explosion, electric shock, or to prevent property damage, personal injury, or loss of life. SAFETY P RECAUTIONS When using electrical appliances, basic safety precaufions should be followed, including the following,"...
  • Page 3 SAFETY P RECAUTIONS For yore saf>ty, i_exer use yore appliance ,4Jwavs keep dish towels, dist_cloths, holders and other linens a safe dista_lce fbc v,arming oc heating the coom. (ooktop. away t?om your Do not rise water <)11 grease fires. Nexwr Alwa}_s keep wooden aIld plastic uteIlsils pick up a flamiI_g pan.
  • Page 4 READALl. INSYRUCHON$ BEFORE U$1N& SAFETY P RECAUTIONS Use litde fi_t for eflk_cti_e shallow or Do I3ot let cookiI3g giease oi othei flammable mateiials acctmmlate deep-fbt fiyiI3g. FilliI3g the pan too fldl of cooktop. fi_t ca_3 (ause spilloxers whe_3 flood is added. Do _3ot touch smfi_ce units.
  • Page 5: Radiant Surface Units

    www.6EAppliances.cem RADIANT SURFACE UNITS Use care when touching the cooktop. The glass surface of the cooktop will retain heat after the controls have been turned oft: Avoid scratching the ,glasscooktop. Clean the cooktop with caution], ff a _et The cooktop can be sponge or cloth is used to _dpe spills on scratched...
  • Page 6 Usingthe su ace units. Throughout this manual, features arid appearance may vary from your model, How to Set Pl_sh die ki_ob h_ m_d mm h_ either c(mtro] midst be [:rushed h_ to set directi(m to the settim_g yol_ wam_t. (m]v {_'om the 0FF positkm_ Wl]em_ the t/lain? OFE...
  • Page 7 Selectingtypesof ceokware. .c A ui,,co,.com The following information wi/i help you choose cool<ware which wili give good performance on glass cooktops. Porcelain Enamd-Covered Cast Iron: Stainless Steel: recommended rsooF,,,ln)eflded As ](mg as the cookware is co',ered completely _,_,ri[hporce]aim_ el_ame], this Aluminum: cookware is recommend!edk...
  • Page 8 Selectingtypesof coekware. Temperature timiter E_erv ]_di_mt sm'{i_ce m_it has _ tempe]_m_re limker m_its offfi_r a time ill: temperature limite]_ Thecooktop is on _,¢ille cooking. tempemtm'e limiter protects Thepanboilsd_/ glass cooktop f_'om gettim_g too hot. The pan bottom ls not flat: The pan is"off-cent_r Them ls no pan on the unit: Right!
  • Page 9 Camand cleaning of the ceektop. Be sure electricai power is off and aiI surfaces are cool before cleaning any part of the cooktop. How to Remove Packaging Tape To assm'e m_ damage is done to die fim/ish Apply with a soft cloth mid allo_ to soak. of tile product, the sa{bst way to rein(we _5[:)e dr) an/d then apply am/applim/ce...
  • Page 10 Cleaningtheglass ceektop. Normal Oa@ Use Cleaning ONLY I_se ( ERAMA BRVFE < Ceramic Shake the c]eaM_lg cream _rel], _pp]) a few drops o{ CERAM _ Cooktop C]eam_er om_the glass cooktop. BRUTE" Ceramic (2}oktop C]em_er Other creams ma)' m_ot be as effective. To mah_tah_ m_d protect sm{i_ce...
  • Page 11 www, GEApp/iances, cem Metal Marks and Scratches Be carehd m_t to slide pots a]_d If pots with a thim_ over[a} of pmls across _our cooktl)p. It w]H copper allowed to boil d_N the overlay may leave ]eaYe metal markim_gs om_ the Mack discoIoratiom_ o<_ the cooktop.
  • Page 12 Before YouCall ForService... Troubleshooting 77ps Save time and money! Review the charts on the following pages first and you may not need to call for service, Cookware with rough bottoms being used or coarse parddes (salt or sa_d) were between the cookware and the surface...
  • Page 13 GE Service Protection Plus '_' (;E, a imme recogifized wor]d_k]e for qua_ky a_]d depeildabi]k), offers Ser_ke eheI_s_ Prote(tkm } ll_s --comp] e prote(:tio[] a]ll }(mr applliai_(:es-- No Matter What Brand! Benefits Include: Wo Ti Corot Any Apptianco. o Backed by GE...
  • Page 14 ;: Pl(tas(_ provid(_ your (>mail addr{ ss Io r(c(dv(, via (>mail, (lLs(:(mllts, Bl}e(ial off(rs [l'tlI)Ot'[Hll[ I1](10[[l( 1" c{mmmnicathms fi-om GE Al)pliances Che(k here i_'?'(m do no_ _u]l Io v{ (eh'e ((mmmnM_li(,]s fiom (;IAs (;u(ffulIy s{le(_ed proHi{ vs. GEAppliancos 6enerM Electric...
  • Page 15 Centers, or an authorized Customer Care_ technician. Proof of the original purchase To schedule service, on-fine, 24 hours a day, visit us at date is needed to obtain service www. GEApp/iances. com, or carl 800.GE.CARES (800.432.2737). under the warranty. GE Will Replace: One Year...
  • Page 16 _ tal abili d es a _ d im pai rm e_ ts. For derails of GE's [ in_iversal Design appli ca d o_ s, h_ cl _di _ g ld tch e_ design ideas tbr people wit]_ disabi]kies, check out o_r Website today.

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