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Replacing The Lamp; How To Replace The Lamp - Sony GRAND WEGA 2-694-282-13(1) Operating Instructions Manual

Sony lcd projection tv operating instructions.
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Replacing the Lamp

How to Replace the
The Projection lamp, like all lamps, will eventually lose brightness and
functionality, which affects the overall performance of your Television. How
long the Lamp maintains its brightness will vary depending upon your usage
and environmental conditions. To maintain the quality of your viewing
experience, Sony recommends that you replace the Lamp (1) after
approximately 8,000 hours of use (the TV will display a message reminding
you to replace the lamp); (2) when the screen becomes dark or the color looks
unusual; or (3) when the LAMP indicator on the front of the TV flashes.
Electric appliances can cause fire or high temperature, resulting in
injury or death. Be sure to follow the instructions below.
Use a Sony XL-2400 replacement lamp (not supplied) for replacement.
Use of any other lamp may damage the TV.
Do not remove the lamp for any purpose other than replacement. Doing
so may cause injury or fire.
Do not put flammable materials and metal objects inside the lamp
receptacle of the TV after removing the lamp. Doing so may cause fire or
electrical shock. Do not touch the lamp receptable once the lamp has been
When the lamp eventually burns out, you may hear a noticeable pop
sound. This is normal and it is inherent to this type of lamp.
In rare instances, the bulb may pop inside the lamp unit, but the lamp unit
is designed to contain all of the broken glass pieces inside the lamp unit.
This television's lamp contains mercury and should be disposed of
properly. Consult your local authorities regarding safe disposal. "The
material contained in this lamp are similar to those of a fluorescent lamp,
so you should dispose of it in the same way.
Turn off the power on the main unit. Wait several minutes, then unplug
the power cord.
(The cooling fan will continue to operate for about two minutes after
turning the power off.)
Wait at least 30 minutes after unplugging the power cord to allow the
lamp to cool down before replacing it. To avoid being burned, do not
touch the lamp receptacle once the lamp has been removed.
Take the new lamp out of the box.
Do not touch the glass portion of the new lamp.
Do not shake the lamp. Vibration can damage the lamp or
shorten its life.
Avoid touching the front glass of a new lamp or the glass of the
lamp receptacle. This may reduce picture quality or lamp life.


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