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LCD Projection TV
© 2006 Sony Corporation


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 LCD Projection TV HD-TV Operating instructions ,,%. WEGA ENGINE_ © 2006 Sony Corporation...
  • Page 2 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM (EST) Men - Fri 10:30 AM - 7:15 PM (EST) Sat - Sun Sony will work to resolve your questions more quickly than your retailer or place of purchase. Please Do Not Return the Product to the Store...
  • Page 3 See pages 13 and 14 lor nlore infi)rmalion on tile installation. CAUTION Use tile lollowing Sony appliance(s) ...{{¢¢0 Use with other TV STAND may cause instability and possibly resul( ill...
  • Page 4 U.S.A and other countries. Blu-ray Disc is a trademark. WEGA, Grand WEGA, Steady Sound, Digital Reality' Creation and CineMotion are registered trademarks of Sony Corporution. This TV is manufactured Laboratories, "Dolby" and the double-D symbol are D | G | T A L trademarksofDolbyLaboratories.
  • Page 5 Important Safety Instructions Read these instluctions. Keep tiles instructions. Heed all warnings. Follow all instl uctions, Do not u_ Ibis apparatus near water. Clean only with dly clotll. Do not block any ventilatkm openings, hlstall ill accoMance with the nmnufacturer's instructions, Do not inslall near...
  • Page 6 Antenna Grounding According to the NEC Relcr to section 54-300 of Panadiml Electrical Pode lor Antenna Grounding. t<g <___ _//" Elect_rica_ Ground clam/_ service equipment •_[_//_ Ground clamps --,-.s,--..__ _ Power service grounding NEC: National electrode system (NEC Art Electrical Code 280 Part H) Cleaning Cleafl...
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Welcome ... Package Contents ... Features ... Enjoying Your TV ... Notes on the TV ... Screen ... Indicators ... Projection Lamp ... Installing the TV ... Carrying Your TV ... Take Precaution during Installation ... 13 Preventing the TV from Toppling Over ... 14 When Installing Your TV against a Wall ...
  • Page 8 Selecting Custom Rating Options ... 69 Accessing the Setup Settings Selecting Setup Options ... Programming Caption Vision (CC) ... 74 Overview ... Contacting Sony ... Replacing the Lamp ... How to Replace the Lamp ... 76 Troubleshooting Remote Control ... Picture ...
  • Page 9: Welcome

    TV include: WEGA Engine: Delivers superb picture quality by minimizing the signal deterioration conversion and stabilizing the signal processing. unique Sony technology, including: • DRC ® (Digital Reality Creation)-MF line doublers, the DRC Multifunction NTSC waveform with the near-HD processing.
  • Page 10 computer can be connected HDMI supports enhanced, digital audio. Component Video Inputs: 480i) and digital set-top box (1080i, 720p, 480p, 480i) connections. S VIDEO Inputs: Provides equipment. Favorite Channels: Allows you to navigate channels without leaving the current channel. Steady Sound®: Equalizes between...
  • Page 11: Enjoying Your Tv

    Enjoying Your TV To enjoy your TV for years to come and maintain its original picture quality, you should perform periodic maintenance. Notes on the TV To enjoy clear picture When not using the TV for a long period of time When turning off the power Screen To minimize reflection, the screen surface has a special coating.
  • Page 12: Indicators

    After turning on your TV. it may take a while (l minuteorless) the picture appears. When the projection lamp wears out, the screen goes dark. Replace lamp with a new Sony XL-2400 After lamp is replaced, please set the "Lamp Replacement" Setup Settings (see page 76 and 73).
  • Page 13: Installing The Tv

    Installing the TV Carrying Your TV Carrying tile TV requires at least two people. Do not hold by tile pedestal or the front panel of the TV. Doing so may cause these parts to break off. When moving TV while glasping below.
  • Page 14: Preventing The Tv From Toppling Over

    TV against a Wall 4 inches OOcm) As a protective measure, secure tile TV as follows. Using the TV stand with support belts Sony strongly recommends 42E2000)/SU-RG 12S (for KDF-46E2000)/SU-RG 50/55E2000) with a support belt designed When using the SU.RGi1S 46E2000)/SUrRG12L (for KDF-50/55E2000) must use the support belt.
  • Page 15: Recommended Viewing Area

    Never install the TV as follows Air circulation is blocked Recommended Your Viewing Area For the best Model KDF-42E2000 KDF-46E2000 KDF-50E2000 KDF-55E2000 Horizontal Viewing Area Air blown into cooling fan. Do not install the TV near any ventilation, normal TV operating temperature. viewing position affect...
  • Page 16: Tv Controls And Connectors

    TV Controls and Connectors Front Panel To open the panel ) the panel door just under the "PUSH OPEN" mark. PUSH OPEN TIMER LAMP POWER POWER...
  • Page 17 Lights up in green when the TV is turned on. If the LED blinks in red continuously, this may indicate the display unit needs servicing (see contacting Sony information on page 2). When the red LED blinks only three times, the lamp door of the lamp unit or the lamp itself is not securely attached (see page 78).
  • Page 18: Side And Rear Panel

    Side and Rear Panel ,vJ._...
  • Page 19 HD/DVD IN 2 Connects to your equipment's (1080i/720p/ provides better picture 480p/480i) of rear panel) connections (Component) stream when present VIDEO IN 2 Connects to the composite (Component) function AUDIO IN 2 Connects to the audio (L/R) output jacks of your equipment L (MONO)/N equipment which you want an easy access.
  • Page 20: Overview

    Overview For optimum of receiving also capable of receiving video inputs (HDM[ and YPBPR component To display clear, crisp pictures, properly section. Advanced Setup Guide accompanied variety of optional It is strongly the 75-ohm coaxial twin lead cable can be easily affected by radio frequency, deterioration.
  • Page 21: About Using Hdmi To Dvi Adapter

    About Using HDMI If you are connecting to DVI Adapter need to use an adaptel: adapter When you use the adaptel, for sound as DVI connector About Using S VIDEO Example of an S VIDEO Connection S VIDEO cable Equipmentwith S VIDEO LINE OUT equipment with DVI connector...
  • Page 22: Basic Connections

    Basic Connections Tile way in which you connect your TV will vary, depending home receives a signal (antenna whether or not you plan to connect Cable System and/or VHF/UHF Antenna System HD Cable Box/HD Satellite Box Equipment with DVI Connection Satellite Receiver and Cable/Antenna Equipment with Digital Audio (Optical) If you are connecting a VCR...
  • Page 23: Cable System And/or Vhf/uhf Antenna System

    Cable System Connecting and/or VHF/UHF VHF/UHF Antenna System standard with the standard To switch between the VHF/UHF ANT button press the ANT button on the remote control. a cable system and/or an external input and or CABLE will allow you to enjoy high definition definition digital programming definition...
  • Page 24: Hd Cable Box

    HD Cable Box/ HD Satellite "_° The HDMI jack provides both video and audio signals, so it is not necessary to connect an audio cable. You can also enjoy high definition definition cable service or high definition possible picture, connect these components component video (with audio)
  • Page 25: Equipment With Dvi Connection

    Equipment with DVI Disconnect all power sources before making any connections. Connection If you are connecting HDMI IN (Video 6) jack by using an HDMI-to-DVI (both net supplied). "_'When connecting to a DVI output, audio cable must be used simultaneously for the audio signal.
  • Page 26: Satellite Receiver And Cable/antenna

    Satelfite Receiver and Cable/Antenna Coaxial cable SAT signals are selected by tile SAT Box connected INPUT. TV signals are selected CABLE input. Disconnect all power sources before making any connections. Connect tile satellite antenna SATELLITE IN jack. Use A/V and S VIDEO cables to connect the satellite receiver's and S VIDEO OUT jacks to the TV's AUDIO and S VIDEO Use a coaxial cable to connect...
  • Page 27: Equipment With Digital Audio (optical)

    Equipment with Disconnect all power sources before making any connections. Digital Audio You can use the TV's DIGITAL (Optical) digital audio device that is PCM/Dolby amplifier. Using an optical audio cable, connect the device's TV's DIGITAL AUDIO (OPTICAL) Digital compatible, AUDIO (OPTICAL) OUT jack.
  • Page 28: Setting Up The Channel List

    Setting Up the Channel Using Initial Setup List After you finish connecting tile TV, you can run tile Initial Setup to create a list of available analog and digital channels. when you turn on the TV for the first time after hooking to set up the channels at a later time, select the Auto Program available...
  • Page 29: Connecting Optional Equipment

    Connecting Optional You can connect a variety of optional equipment to your TV. This section provides some of the individual connections you can make. For multiple connections, please refer to the Quick Setup Guide. VCR and Cable VCR and Cable DVD Player with S VIDEO Personal Camcorder...
  • Page 30: Vcr And Cable

    VCR and Cable Coaxial cable Use this hookup if: You have cable TV that does not require a cable box. Disconnect all power sources before making any connections. Connect tile CATV cable to tile single (input) jack of tile splitter. Use a coaxial cable to connect the TV's CABLE jack.
  • Page 31: Vcr And Cable Box

    (usually channel 3 or 4) and then use the cable box to switch channels. some channels, but not all of theln and you need to use a cable on your cable box your Sony remote control to tile Remote Control" on your TV when the a better picture...
  • Page 32 Coaxial cable CATV cable _ Splitter Rear of TV CABLE VIDEO_ AUDIO-L AUDIO-RJ A/V cable A/V cable Coaxial cable S VIDEO cable ""_ C °caX[_ pel l...
  • Page 33: Dvd Player With Component Video Connectors

    DVD Player with Use this hookup if: Component Video Connectors Disconnect all power sources before making any connections. J_ The YPBPR jacks on your DVD player are sometimes labeled YCBCR, =') Use an audio cable to connect DVD player Your DVD player has component (YP_3PI0jacks. Use a colnponent video cable to connect tile DVD player's to the TV's YPBPR jacks.
  • Page 34: Dvd Player With S Video Andaudio Connectors

    (yellow) instead of the S VIDEO cable. To watch a DVD, press TV/VIDEO input (VIDEO 1 in the illustration). If you have a non-Sony DVD player and want to set up the TV remote control to operate it, you must program the remote control. See "Programming Remote Control"...
  • Page 35: Personal Computer

    Personal Computer If you want to use your TV as your COlnputer monitor, PC to the TV. To connect a PC (personal computer) You have a choice of connecting Input (only with HDMI video fiom your PC to TV. To listen to audio fiom your PC, you will need to connect audio cable.
  • Page 36: Camcorder Or Video Game Equipment

    Camcorder or Video Game Equipment jacks on the camcorder Rear of TV You can connect a camcorder or Video Game Equipment easy connection, use VIDEO IN 2 on the left side of the TV. To use the S VIDEO jack instead of the VIDEO jack (yellow), rear panel of the TV.
  • Page 37: Audio Receiver

    Audio Receiver For improved sound quality, you may want to play the TV's audio through your stereo system (see page 63). Disconnect all power sources before making any connections. Using an audio cable, connect the TV's AUDIO OUT (VAR/FIX) the audio receiver's audio LINE IN jacks.
  • Page 38: Overview

    Overview Tile table on tile next page describes Inserting Batteries into the Remote Control Button Descriptions Programming the Remote Control Manufacturer's Using Other Equipment with Your Remote Control Special Buttons on the Remote Control into the Remote Control Inserting Batteries Insert two size AA (R6) batteries (supplied) by matching tile O and O on the batteries to the diagram inside the battery compartment.
  • Page 39: Button Descriptions

    Button Descriptions _E_,_,,,_i_i_i_i_ [] 6291ENT... [] ... [] ANT... "_" The 5 button, CH + button and PLAY button have a tactile dot. Use the tactile dot as a reference when operating the TV. TV/VIDEO Press to cycle through the video eqtdpment video inputs.
  • Page 40 VISUAL To be used only with your connected SEARCH visual search MUTING Press to mute the sound. unnlute. 961_ +22 ... Press io iidfiisi ihe ',)oiui_{e ... Record Buttons recording process. PAUSE: • RFC STOP: BD/DVD TOP Press to display MENU/ MENU the connected equipment.
  • Page 41: Programming The Remote Control

    In such cases, use the equipment's own remote control. Sony brand video equipment. 901 (Sony Dream System) 80i (Sony £ aieiiiie Rece](,'er 5... from tile Manufacturer " is listed, try...
  • Page 42 Echostar 8i() ... General Electric H{ii2t{.,i{] 8{i5... Hughes JVC ... 816 ... 8ii9 ... P{i{aise}{{c ..803 ... 15t{iiips T{isi'fig {... 866 86,7 S:,ms_g * If an Aiwa VCR does not work even the code for Sony instead. "...
  • Page 43: Using Other Equipment With Your Remote Control

    Using Other Equipment To operate other equiplnent connected to your TV, first turn to page 42 and program TV/VIDI:::O repeatedly until you see the video input on the screen for your connected Ja Some functions cannot be operated depending on the equipment. Operating a Cable Box Activate the remote control to operate SAT/CABLE (FUNCTION)
  • Page 44 Turn on/oil POWER Play [2> Stop • Pause II (press again to resulne normal playback) Operating a 5.1ch DVD AV System (Sony DAV) Activate tim remote control to operate BD/DVD (FUNCTION) the DVD Turn on/oll POWER Select other equipmenl connecled...
  • Page 45 Pause Search the picture forward or backward (t1"_ Move highlighl (cursor) tl, ,I, 4, ,,_ alld _lecl Operating a DVR Activate the remote control to operate DVR/VCR tile DVR TLU'n on/oll POWER Play 12:> REPLAY Jump back while viewing live or record progralllS Slow mode "_1_11"_1_1 (press lightly)
  • Page 46: Special Buttons On The Remote Control

    Special Buttons on the Remote Control Using the TOOLS Button Using the TOOLS Button in PC Mode This TV COlnes with convenient by pressing their buttons on your remote control or pressing button to display most commonly Tile TOOLS button allows you to access tile following i :iii ii ii I 7_ Alternate Audio is Only available in TV mode when the program is...
  • Page 47: Using The Jump Button

    Using the JUMP Tile JUMP button allows you to jump back and forth between tile current Button channel and tile last channel that was selected. Using the FREEZE The FREEZE button allows you to temporarily capture Button You can use this feature to write down information recipes, etc.
  • Page 48: Using The Guide Button

    Using the GUIDE Button Press GUIDE on tile TV's remote The Program Guide lets you review program fiom the broadcaster in the information Channelnumber, callletters,etc. InformationBanner Providechannel number,program title, description, programduration, time remaining, ratinginformation, closed-caption availability,etc. Channel l ist. -- ProgramOptions (Whenavailable from the...
  • Page 49: Using The Wide Button

    Using the WIDE Wide screen mode lets you watch 4:3 normal broadcasts Button screen modes (16:9 aspect ratio). ,I_ When the TV receives a 720p or !080! signal, Normal cannot be! ";_°When the TV receives a 720p or 1080i signal that is 4:3 aspect ratio picture with a black bar at each side, Full...
  • Page 50: Using The Wide Button In Pc Mode

    Using the WIDE Button in PC Mode ";_°You can also access the PC Wide Mode settings in the Screen settings. For details, see page ";_°Depending on the signal from your PC, your TV will display black frame around the picture in various width.
  • Page 51: Using The Wide Button In Pc Mode Continued

    Using the WIDE Button in PC Mode continued Resolution higher WIDE Resolution higher Less than 16:9 PC fonnat Incoming PC signal This mode is Normal not available Full 1 Full 2 Zoom than 1152 x 648 than 1152 x 648 16:9 or more than 16:9 PC %rmat This mode is not available...
  • Page 52: Overview Of Menu

    Overview of MENU MENU provides perfotTn a variety of tasks intuitively rather than a variety of remote When you press the _ External one button access for controlling with a control panel on the screen control button presses. button, you can select from basic TV functions: Inputs.
  • Page 53 The External skip unused inputs conveniently. your TV. such as a DVD player, You can assign a label to your equipment External Inputs The Favorites channels that you specify. For details, Favorites The Cable feature displays input. Cable The Antenna _\-_ antenna input.
  • Page 54: Navigating And Selecting Items

    Navigating and Selecting Use your remote control to navigate Using External Inputs in MENU Using Favorites Items through MENU and tile settings. Inputs The External feature lets you view froln a selected external connected to your TV. You can assign a label or skip over unused inputs by selecting Edit Video Labels.
  • Page 55: Using Cable In Menu

    Using Cable in MENU Tile Cable input. Highlight Using Antenna Tile Antenna antenna Highlight feature displays tile most recently Cable from the MENU control panel and press @. you have not completed the initial Channel setup (see page 28) both Cable and Antenna will tune to the lowest channel number. To run Auto Program see page 66.
  • Page 56: Using Settings In Menu

    Using Settings in MENU Tile Settings feature lets you enter to tile settings screen where most of advanced settings and adjustments are performed. See "Overview " on page Navigating Through Settings Tile Settings screen provides access to tile features: Press _. Select _C2_.
  • Page 57: Overview

    Overview The Settings The on-screen setting (translucent) (Depending your screen. Settings Picture Sound Screen give you access to the following menu color shown in the manual of your TV, see "Menu Color" on page 73. on the signal tuned, you may see a different displayed here are with the 720p signal.) Picture Mode (page 59)
  • Page 58 Channel Parental Lock Setup Favorite Channels (page 66) Digital Channels (page 66) Auto Program (page 6(,) Show/Hide Channels (page 66) Label Channels (page 67) Diagnostics (page (,7) Rating (page 68) Digital Rating (page 68) Unrated (page (,9) Change Password (page 69) Select Country (page (,9) Caption Vision (CC) (page 71) Info Banner (page 71)
  • Page 59: Accessing The Picture Settings

    Accessing the Picture Settings 1. Press MENU ... 2. Select Settings ... C2223 3. Highlight ... 4. Press to select ... "_ k.,,,,J To highlight an option and to change Press @ to confirm the selection. Picture, To exit the press Selecting Picture...
  • Page 60 Picture Brightness Color Color Whitc intensity a@,._'rm(,nt Sharpness Noise Reduction Auto 2: Recomlnended High With this option, brightness. lit room. Medium With this option, level. With this option, at a nmxilnnm. with low lighting. option is automatically Adjust to increase picture picture contrast...
  • Page 61 DRC Palette Custom Allows and smoothness Press the arrow buttons then press @. The DRC palette DRC Palette Press @ Press the arrow buttons the marker (0). along the Reality detailed. the Clarity To save the setting, Palette is most effective source.
  • Page 62: Accessing The Sound Settings

    Accessing the Sound Settings 1. Press MENU ... 2. Select Settings 3. Higbligbt ... 4.Press to select ... _>j To highlight an option aud to change Press @ to confirm the selection. To exit the Sound, press Selecting Sound Options "_°...
  • Page 63 Stereo Select for stereo reception Enjoy .s'ter_,o, broadcast bilingualand Auto SAP Select to automatically mono programs program signal is present, Mend Select for mono reception. during Alternate Switcb among the available Audio you are tuned may be broadcast in a different language in tbe Digital _dternate audio...
  • Page 64: Accessing The Screen Settings

    Accessing the Screen Settings 1. Press MENU ... 2. Select Settings 3. Highlight ... 4.Press to select ... _>j To highlight an option and to change Press @ to confirm the selection. To exit the Screen, press '_Z_' • Selecting Screen Options "_"Wide...
  • Page 65 Auto Wide ";_°If 4:3 Default is set to 4:3 Default anything but Off, the Select the d_fault Wide Mode setting s'creen mode to changes only for the usejbr current channel. When sources', you change channels (or inputs), Wide Mode is automatically replaced with the 4:3 Default setting.
  • Page 66: Accessing The Channel Settings

    Accessing the Channel 1. Press MENU ... 2. Select Settings ... 3. Highlight ... 4.Press to select ... To highlight an option and to change Press @ to confirm the selection. To exit the Channel, press _. Selecting Channel Options ";_°...
  • Page 67 _a If you select to hide or show a major digital channel, all the sub- channels are automatically individual sub-channel within a digital channel, you must individually select that sub-channel to show or hide. _a If you hide all sub-channels channel is automatically set to Hidden.
  • Page 68: Accessing The Parental Lock Settings

    Accessing the Parental Lock Settings 1. Press MENU ... 2. Select Settings ... 3. Highlight ... 4.Press to select ... ',.,,_j To highlight an option and to change Press (_ to confirm the selection. Lock, To exit the Parental press _. The Parental Lock setting allows you to set up the TV to block programs...
  • Page 69: Viewing Blocked Programs

    "_° The Digital Rating option is only available if digital ratings exist in the broadcasts received by your TV, and if the Country setting is U.S.A.. Unrated "_° If you select Block, be (al'ailable onh, in U.S.A.) aware that the following programs may be blocked: news, sports, Change...
  • Page 70 English Rating French Rating U.S.A. Rating TV Rating Age-Based Options Block programs' TV-Y All children. by their rating, TV-Y7 Directed to children age 7 and older. content or both TV-G General audience. TV-PG Parental guidance suggested. TV- 14 Parents strongly cautioned. TV-MA Mature audience only.
  • Page 71: Accessing The Setup Settings

    Accessing the Setup Settings 1. Press MENU ... © 2. Select Settings... 3. Highlight ... 4.Press to select ... To highlight an option and to change Press @ to confirm the selection. To exit the Setup, press _. Selecting The Setup settings include the following options: Setup Options Caption...
  • Page 72 Clock/Timers Language Y_ If you select Skip, your TV skips the selected connection when you press TV/VIDEO. Select to set the clock and to program off at two scheduled viewing times. Once the options TIMER LED lights up in orange. Sleep Allows you to select the amount...
  • Page 73 "_" If you choose to use the Video 2 composite connection (Component) for Video 2 (Component), be sure to select Off to activate for composite use. Menu CineMotion Cooling Mode Lamp Replacement Product Information Auto Color Enables you to select a specific Select Auto to optimize detecting fihn content and applying process.
  • Page 74: Programming Caption Vision (cc)

    Programming Caption Vision (CC) Basic Digital Advanced Advanced Settings If you selected the Program option under Caption Vision (CC) (see page 71 ), you can change the following settings: Allows you to select analog* CCl, Cc2, Dispiays CC3, of a program. Text1, Text2, Displays Text3,...
  • Page 75: Overview

    Contacting Sony Replacing the Lamp Troubleshooting PC Input Signal Compatibility Specifications Optional accessories Index Contacting Sony If, after reading related to the use of your Sony television, Information Visit Canada Before calling Sony custorner serial numbers includes the following topics: Chart...
  • Page 76: Replacing The Lamp

    WARNING Electric appliances can cause fire or high temperature, injury or death. Be sure to follow the instructions below. Use a Sony XL-2400 replacement Use of any other lamp may damage the TV. Do not remove the lamp for any purpose other than replacement.
  • Page 77 Remove the outside lamp cover. Remove tile lamp door. Turn tile knob counterclockwise Pull out the lamp. Hook a finger through the loop of the lamp handle upwards. Then pull the lamp straight J_ The lamp is very hot immediately after use. Never touch the After the used lamp has cooled, place it into the empty box of the replacement lamp.
  • Page 78 Put the new lamp into its place. Mount the new lamp securely. screen to go dark. If the lamp is not securelY reattached, the self-diagnostic function may be triggered and the POWER indicator flashes three times (see page 12). Reattach tile lamp door Turn tile knob back to CLOSE Put tile outside...
  • Page 79 The used lamp For customers in the United States: This product contains mercury. Disposal sold in the United States. For disposal contact your local authorities or the Electronics (htt p:// Do not leave the used lamp near flammable reach of children. Do not pour water onto the used lamp or put any object inside the lamp.
  • Page 80: Troubleshooting

    There may be more than one code for the equipment operate. There is a possibility that some non-Sony Sony TV remote. You may need to use the equipment's related to the use of your tile batteries.
  • Page 81: Picture

    If your TV does not turn on and a red light keeps flashing, service. Call your local Sony Service Make sure the power cord is plugged Press POWER on the front of the TV. Press TV/VIDEO...
  • Page 82: Sound

    Sound Good picture, no sound Audio noise Cannot gain enough volume when using a cable box Sound seems weak or insufficient Cannot raise the volume external speakers No audio for HDMI Channels Cannot receive upper channels (UHF) when using an antenna Cannot receive any channels when using cable TV...
  • Page 83: General

    If the message still appears after the dust or obstacles may need servicing. Call your local Sony, Service two minutes for the picture to come back after the iV a while until the picture comes back.
  • Page 84 hnage left on the screen (image retention) White spot on the screen when If screen is exposed powered appear the TV screen and reflections the proiection "Lamp Replacement message" It is time for you to replace appears. The replacement lamp does not 1_ light up Turn off the TV for a while or let the TV run on another TV and CRT TV.
  • Page 85: Pc Input Signal Compatibility Chart

    PC Input Signal Compatibility Resolution Signals ... Horizontal ... x (Dot) SVGA XGA** 1024 1024 1024 WXGA** 1280 1280 1152 *: Corresponding to the VGA signal **: These signals do not support Normal ***: Coordinated Video Timing. Chart Vertical frequency (kHz) (Line) (Refresh...
  • Page 86: Specifications

    Specifications Projection System LCD Panel Projection Lens Antenna Lamp Television System Visible Screen Size (Picture measured diagonally) Channel Coverage Number of Inputs/Outputs HDMI Video (IN) S Vkteo (IN) Audio (IN) AUDIO (VAR/FIX) RF Inputs Digital Audio Optical Output (PCM/Dolby Digital) Speaker output Power requirement...
  • Page 87 Dilnensions (W/H/D) Mass Supplied Accessories Remote Control AA (R6) Batteries Operating Instructions Quick Setup Guide Warranty Card Product Registration Card Design and specifications are subject Non-metric weights and measures Optional accessories: HDMI cable HDMI-to-DVI cable Component video cable S VIDEO cable A/V cable Audio cable...
  • Page 88 0-9 buttons 4:3 Default 5.1 Channel DVD using with remote control 44 A/V Sync 63 Adding channels to the channel list 66 Adjusting audio, Steady Sound Advanced [ris 59 Advanced Settings Alternate Audio 63 ANT button 39 AUDIO (L/R) jacks, described Audio Out 63 AUDIO OUT jack, described Audio receiver,...
  • Page 89 MENU 52 MENU button 17, 43 Menu Color 73 Movie Rating 69 MTS 63 MUTING button 40 Noise Reduction Off, turning off the TV 17 On, turning on the TV 17 P, Q Parental Control, described Parental Lock settings 58, 68 Password, changing PC Wide Mode 64...
  • Page 90 Do Not Return Ig_lg_{W_2f_ 2681559131 Canada 1-877-899-SONY (7669) 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM (Eastern) 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Western) more quickly than your retailer or place the Product to the Store of purchase. http ://www. sony. net/ Printed in U.S.A.

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