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Sony GRAND WEGA 2-694-282-13(1) Operating Instructions Manual Page 72

Sony lcd projection tv operating instructions.
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TV cabinet creaks
A slight creaking noise occurs
from the bottom part of the TV
The cooling fan seems to be
"High Temperature Warning!"
message appears
The TV does not turn on
Image left on the screen
(image retention)
White spot on the screen
when powered off
"Lamp Replacement message"
The replacement lamp does not
light up
Possible Remedies
When the TV is in use, there is a natural rise in temperature, causing the cabinet to
expand or contract and may be accompanied by a slight creaking noise. This is not
a malfunction.
Advanced Iris applies a mechanical iris system. When Advanced Iris is set, a
natural creaking noise occurs due to the basic structure of the optical unit. The
creaking sound is an inherent nature of this system and is not a defect.
Dust may be collected around the ventilation fan area blocking the ventilation
holes. Be sure to keep the fan area free from dust.
If the TV is used at high altitudes and set to High, the cooling fan runs faster and
its sound becomes louder. If the TV is not used at high altitudes, set Cooling
Mode to Normal (see page 61).
Make sure to remove dust from the ventilation slots on the rear and both sides of
the TV. In addition, make sure that there are no obstacles in front of the ventilation
slots. If the message still appears after the dust or obstacles are removed, the TV
may need servicing. Call your local Sony Service Center.
The TV cools down its projection lamp when the power is turned off. It takes up to
two minutes for the picture to come back after the TV is turned on again. Wait for
a while until the picture comes back.
Turn off the TV for a while or let the TV run on another channel. Unlike plasma
TV and CRT TV, image retention on this TV is not permanent. It is only a
temporary condition, (see page 10).
If screen is exposed to direct sunlight or strong ambient light, part of the screen may
appear white even when TV is power off. This is due to the strong light reflecting off
the TV screen and reflections coming behind the screen. This is a structural property of
the projection TV and is not a defect.
Position your TV away from such light sources.
It is time for you to replace the projection lamp used in you TV.
Turn to page 66 on "How to Replace the Lamp" and follow the direction on
replacing the lamp.
Use only the lamp designated for your TV model.
After the lamp is replaced, select the "Lamp Replacement" option then select
"Start" in the Setup menu.
The lamp door or lamp might not be securely attached. Repeat the steps on page
66 to ensure that they are both installed securely.


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