Image Performance; Active Picture Size And Location; Geometrical Distortion - Nokia 447PRO Service Manual

Chassis 447r 17" high resolution colour monitor
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6. Image Performance

Measurements to verify this specification shall be made with equipment that measures the displayed
image as if it were projected forward onto flat panel tangent to the centre of the CRT face plate sur-
face and perpendicular to the Z---axis of the CRT.
The following specifications are applicable over specified input power conditions, specified environ-
mental operating conditions and after being subjected to the specified non---operating environmen-
tal conditions. Before performance measurements are done the monitor must been in room temper-
ature (20  5C) for at least 2 hours. After that the monitor must have been warmed up with the
power on for at least 40 minutes.
Unless otherwise defined the monitor shall be positioned in the specified magnetic environment
whenever image performance is measured (see chapter 6.5.). The monitor shall be degaussed be-
fore the performance measurements are done.
All image performance specifications will be fulfilled with all factory pre---set timing modes and in an
ambient illumination of 500 lux.

6.1. Active Picture Size and Location

Picture size is defined as the width and height of the display using the
active raster, not including the border.
Measurement: 16 x 12 Cross---hatch test pattern. Full white field brightness 95 cdm---2 (nits).
The width and the height are measured via the centre of the screen.
Requirements: for preadjust modes
Width = 312 mm ± 3.0 mm
Height = 234 mm ± 3.0 mm
for preload modes
Width = 312 mm ± 6.0 mm
Height = 234 mm ± 6.0 mm
Over the full range of operating temperature the size shall not change more than ±3.0
The tolerance for the location of the active picture center is ±5.0 mm for preadjust modes
and for preload modes it is ±10 mm. The location is measured from the bezel opening edge.

6.2. Geometrical Distortion

The distance between bezel and active screen edge shall not vary more than 2.0 mm in vertical
and horizontal direction. Typical (90% confidence level) within 1.5 mm window on the top/left ed-
ges.For preload modes max. 4.0 mm. The requirement must be fulfilled with all factory pre---set
modes. The measurements are done with maximum output luminance.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents