Site Preparation; Location; Troubleshooting - Nokia 447PRO Service Manual

Chassis 447r 17" high resolution colour monitor
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2. Site Preparation

2.1. Location

This Monitor is designed for normal office conditions. It is equipped with own power supply. It is not
to be serviced or repaired on site

2.2. Troubleshooting

Local service facilities should perform simple maintenance such as trimming. More advanced main-
tenance and repair that requires replacement of components which in turn requires testing and re-
trimming should be carried out in a central workshop.
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Picture is unstable
The automatical appearance of the Selftest menu on the screen means that the signal is faulty or
Check that the power cord is correctly connected to the monitor and to the power
outlet. If the monitor is powered through the computer, check that the computer is
switched on with the mains switch. Use a desk light, for example, to verify that
current is connected to a power outlet. If no electricity is connected to the outlet,
call an electrician.
Unplug the monitor from power outlet for about one minute.
Check that the signal cable connector is connected. If the connector is loose
tighten the connector's screws.
The Monitor might be in stand ---by position. Push one of the buttons or move the
Unplug the monitor from outlet for about one minute
Unplug the monitor from outlet for about one minute.
Switch off the monitor and the computer. Remove the signal cable from the
computer. Switch on the monitor using the power switch. If the Selftest menu
appears on the screen, it is evident that the monitor functions correctly and
the problem is caused by an error in other parts of the system.
Check the signal cable's connection pins. If the pins are slightly distorted,
use nose pliers to straighten them.
The Selftest menu appears. The computer may use a timing values which are
out of the monitor's synchronization range.
Demagnetize the monitor.
If colour defect is repeated without the monitor having been moved, it is possible
that the monitor is influenced by a strong magnetic interference field (near to
a high power cable, for example). Try to find a better location for the monitor or
the interference source. Note that another monitor placed too near (less than
30 cm.) may also generate interference in the picture.
Open the Miscellaneous/Selftest menu. Check the color of the Red, Green and
Blue bars. If they have pure colors, the fault is not in the monitor. Check signal
cable connectors and the computer. If the menu itself and the color bars are
discolored, the monitor is obviously damaged.
Your computer may use a timing for which the corresponding picture characteris---
tic adjustments have not been set at the factory. Adjust the picture characteristics
Check the proximity of other electrical devices that generate magnetic fields,
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such as speakers, other monitors, electric fans and fluorescent light fixtures.
Make sure your computer and video card are properly configured for your
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents