Color Temperature And Tracking; White Uniformity; Luminance - Nokia 447PRO Service Manual

Chassis 447r 17" high resolution colour monitor
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6.6. Color Temperature and Tracking

Measurement conditions:
Test pattern 50 x 50 mm white field at the screen centre.
Brightness control adjusted for a minimal background raster luminance.
Input signals R,G and B with maximum amplitude.
Color temperature 9300 K.
Requirements When contrast control is adjusted from a luminance level of 100 cdm
30 cdm
x ± 0.015
y ± 0.015
The color temperature user adjustment range is 5000 --- 10000K.

6.7. White Uniformity

Measurement conditions:
Test pattern full screen R,G and B field.
Brightness control adjusted for a background raster luminance level 2 cdm---2 (nits).
Input signals R,G and B maximum amplitude.
After rotating the unit must be degaussed.
Viewing distance 600 mm, for 5 second observation.
Requirements: Color purity is visually checked for each full raster primary color. Tube facing
east, west, north and south each primary color raster shall have no color
impurity due to beam mislanding. For a full white field, if there is an area of ob
served impurity in color, the difference in color coordinates between that area
and the center of the display area shall be less than x: ± 0.015 ; y: ± 0.0 15 In
addition, the square root of the sum of the squares of the differences in x and y
must be less than or equal to 0.015.

6.8. Luminance

The following methodology and definition of luminance shall be applicable
throughout this specification.
Luminance shall be measured on 1280 x 1024 85 Hz pixel format at five
areas, using two different pictures:
1) In the center of the screen white field 50 x 50 mm.
2) Full white field.
The five areas are defined as:
L0 Center of the screen
L1 Upper left of the screen
L2 Upper right of the screen
L3 Lower left of the screen
L4 Lower right of the screen
Requirements: Nominal brightness luminance
The center of brightness adjustment is targeted to 0.2 cdm
Maximum contrast luminance
With the 1.0 cdm
measure the maximum luminance at the center of the picture
Full white field: luminance ∫ 90 cdm
50 mm x 50 mm white field: luminance 150 ±35 cdm
Minimum Contrast Luminance
With 1.0 cdm
the maximum luminance at the center of the picture
50 mm x 50 mm white field 0 cdm
(nits) the CIE x and y coordinates do not vary more than
brightness and the contrast control set to maximum
(nits) the brightness and the contrast control set to minimum
(nits) ≤(L0) ≤ 10 cdm
(nits) to
(nits) .

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents