Image Properties; Cleaning - Nokia 800Xi Service Manual

18.1” tft-lcd panel colour monitor
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1.3. Image Properties

Normally the picture does not need any adjustment during introduction because the properties for
the most commonly used display modes are stores in a non--volatile memory of the monitor.
However you might need Clock Phase and H.Size adjustments.
The display is optimised for 1280 x 1024 / 60 Hz reso-
lution. Display modes with smaller resolution have
black border around the picture.
A steady picture may leave a shadow on the screen. It
is annoying but not dangerous - - the shadow disap-
pears in time. You may avoid the shadow with power
management function.
The display consists of 3 932 160 individually con-
trolled pixels. Some of them may be black or emit a
constant white or colored light. It is an intrinsic char-
acteristic of LCD technology and is not a defect.

1.4. Cleaning

Do not use any abrasives or hard objects to remove a strain, it may damage surface of the
Do not use water or any other liquid for cleaning.
Use a soft, clean and dry cloth (e.g. Nokia Hitec 860003) for cleaning. The use of microfibre cloth is
recommended. Dampen the cloth with water or mild detergent if necessary.
If liquid is splashed on the screen, dry the screen immediately.
Use a cloth damped with a mild detergent solvent to clean the cabinet. Do not use strong solvents
(e.g. acetone) because they may damage the surface of the cabinet. Do not use aerosol cleaners.

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