User Controls; Turning The Monitor On And Off - Nokia 447PRO Service Manual

Chassis 447r 17" high resolution colour monitor
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1.7. User Controls

Turning the Monitor ON and OFF

Push the power switch to turn the monitor on or off.
When the power is turned on, the power-- on indicator will light.
The colour of the the power---on light indicates the operating state of the monitor.
Green: The monitor is in normal operation or stand---by state.
Blinking Green: The monitor is in automatic suspend or power off state.
Not illuminated: The monitor is turned off with power switch or disconnected from mains outlet.
If the power management function working properly in your computer, you do not need to switch the
monitor on or off. It happens automatically.
Power indicator
Power switch
Navi (menu) &
The power switch does not disconnect the
monitor from mains. In oder to make the monitor
completely powerless, unplug the power cord
from power outlet.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents