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Bus Powered Connections; Usb Connectors; Universal Serial Bus Hub; Usb Ports - Nokia 447PRO Service Manual

Chassis 447r 17" high resolution colour monitor


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1.5.2. Bus powered connections

Low power: All power to these devices comes from USB connector. They may draw no more than
one unit load (100 mA)at any time.
High power: All power to these devices comes from USB connector. They must draw no more than
one unit load upon power up and may draw up to five unit loads after being configured.

1.5.3. Universal Serial Bus Hub

The USB provides Plug and Play capabilities for peripherals. The bus physical interconnection is a
tiered star topology. USB system provides hub for four downstream devides.

1.5.4. USB ports

Unit is capable to handle 4 connected downstream USB devides from the HUB. There are so 4 pcs
serie A and one piece serie B for upstream (root) connectors in the rear of the monitor. These can
be used for any PC based application as keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner, modem, etc.
Display controls and alignments via PC:
- Power mode:
- Control codes:

1.5.5. USB connectors

The data is transferred differentially meaning low radiation. The driver delivers initially ≥ 2V swing to
the cable of Z
= 90 τ ± 15%. Data signal rise time is 4 ns
driver is < 3 ns. Maximum cable length is 5 m.
The differential receiver sensitivity is at least 200 mv. Maximum allowed jitter is 25 ns.
The port supplies 4,75V --- 5,25V having current up to 0.5 A to the peripherals. Combined 3 port cur-
rent limitation is provided for safety reasons. Current of the 0.5 mA is taken in suspend mode and
starting current of 0.1 A is quaranteed.
Type A (downstream)
ON, Stand---by, Suspend, OFF
Brightness, Contrast, R Gain, G Gain, B, Gain, R Black Level, G Black Level
B Black Level, H Position, H Size, H Pin Balance, V Position, V Size,
H Moire, V Moire, Parallelogram Distortion, Trapezoidal Distortion, Tilt
and 20 ns
Type B (upstream)
Add---on jitter from
1. Vcc
2. Data - -
3. Data +
4. GND


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