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Honeywell FE260 Operating Instructions Manual

Function expansion unit
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Function Expansion Unit
Issue date 2019-02 (g)



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  Summary of Contents for Honeywell FE260

  • Page 1 Function Expansion Unit FE260 Operating instructions 73017824 Issue date 2019-02 (g)
  • Page 2 This manual or parts of it may only be disclosed or copied with written consent from Honeywell. If the product described here is improperly handled, repaired or changed by unauthorized persons or if spare parts other than those supplied by Honeywell are used, our warranty will be rendered void. All rights reserved.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    4.5.1 Function of the LEDs on the lid of the FE260 ................. 20 4.5.2 Function of the light-emitting diodes on the SVB board of the FE260 ........... 21 4.5.3 Function of the light-emitting diodes on the GSM/GPRS/UMTS modem ........21 Function of the LEDs on a “ECM-GW120”...
  • Page 4: I Safety Information

    Mounting and installation should only be carried out by specialist personnel. The "AC" versions of the Function Expansion Unit FE260 are supplied with mains voltage at 230 V. Avoid touching live parts, because this can be highly dangerous.
  • Page 5: Items Supplied And Accessories

    Operating Manual II-2 Ordering information and accessories FE260 Order no. • Function Expansion Unit FE260, complete (incl. accessories) ........83 480 540 Accessories • Operating manual, English ....................73 017 824 • Operating manual, German .................... 73 017 464 Options a) Data transmission modules ...
  • Page 6: Brief Description

    FE260 1 Brief description The Function Expansion Unit FE260 is used for expanding the functions of a volume corrector in the LIS-200 range, such as for example the EK260 from software version 2.02. In the current level of expansion it fulfils the following tasks: •...
  • Page 7 - slow flashing → modem is registered to GSM network - fast flashing → data transmission in progress Attention: The function of the yellow "Online" LED differs depending on the GSM / GPRS / UMTS modem installed in the FE260! For details see section 4.5.
  • Page 8: Mounting

    2 Mounting The holes for wall mounting become accessible after opening the housing cover of the FE260. The 4 screws for fastening the cover can be tighten by a flat head (blade 8 x 1,2 mm) or Phillips head screwdriver size 2.
  • Page 9 = SMA antenna socket (for GSM/GPRS antenna) e = Earth connection For versions of the FE260 without a GSM/GPRS modem, the hole on position “d” is sealed by a filler plug and on position “b” a plastic gland M12 is mounted.
  • Page 10: Installation

    3.1.2 "DC" version (for direct voltage of 10 to 30 V) The "DC" version of the FE260 is suitable for a direct-voltage power supply in the range from 10 to 30 V. It can be operated, for example, with nominal voltages of 12 V or 24 V.
  • Page 11: Intrinsically Safe Electrical Circuits

    Operating Manual 3.3 Intrinsically safe electrical circuits The FE260 is approved according to DIN EN 50020 as “associated electrical equipment” in the Category “ia” (see Chapter A-2). The blue terminal block on the right-hand side includes three intrinsically safe circuits. If an intrinsically safe device is connected to them (e.g.
  • Page 12: Cables And Cable Lengths

    (see *3) is substantially less here. *5) In case of FE260 manufactured since January 2014, output 3 (“DA3”) can be used for signals up to 500 Hz. The EK280 offers the ability to operate not only output 2 but also output 3 (“DA3”) as a high frequency output under the same conditions as described for output 2 (refer to *4).
  • Page 13: Terminal Layout

    On the EK260 and EK280 the terminals “R+”, “R-“, “T+” and “T-“ are also labelled with “CS”, “RD”, “RS” and “TD”. When connecting the FE260, these designations have no significance. The terminals “Ri” and “Gnd” on the EK260 remain unconnected.
  • Page 14: Data Transmission Modules

    3.5 Data transmission modules On request, the FE260 can be fitted with an integral modem, a connection for a separate modem or an Ethernet interface in order to read out the data from the connected volume corrector by remote data transmission.
  • Page 15: Integral Gsm/Gprs/Umts Modem

    (3G). The modems are used for data transmission via the GSM/GPRS or UMTS network (radio network, “mobile phone network”). With the FE260 with an integral GSM/GPRS modem the antenna required for this is included in the supplied items. Similarly, a mounting bracket for mounting the antenna (e.g. on the wall) is also included in the supplied items.
  • Page 16: Connection Of A Separate Modem

    0 („Transparent“) on (ATS0>0) The modem connection in the FE260 can be configured as an RS-232 or RS-485 interface. To enable this, there is a jumper labelled “RS-232” and “RS-485” on the board with the terminals for the modem connection.
  • Page 17: Initial Operation

    Once all cables are connected and the housing firmly closed, switch on the FE260 power supply (mains voltage for the "AC" versions). Check the “Power” signal lamp on the cover of the FE260. A continuous green signal indicates that the •...
  • Page 18: Digital Outputs

    The transfer of an HF signal via output "DA2" functions with an EK260 with a date of manufacture from July 2004 onwards and furthermore with all EK280. • The transfer of an HF signal via output "DA3" functions only with EK280 in conjunction with a FE260 with a date of manufacture from January 2014 onwards. Signal inversion With the aid of the jumper "ST4"...
  • Page 19: Modem

    "CL interface"). *2) 19200 Bd is standard. With longer lengths of cable between the FE260 and the volume corrector (refer to Chapter 0, page 10) and when using the option "Local interfaces" or "CL interface", the baud rate may be set to a maximum of 9600 Bd.
  • Page 20: Problems During Data Transfer And Solutions

    6. Is the antenna correctly connected to the modem? → Insert the antenna connection firmly into the modem. On EK280 the call acceptance windows 5 and 6 are used for the connections via FE260 (refer to the EK280 Application Manual)
  • Page 21: Parameterisation Of The Modem Integrated Into The Fe260

    4.3.3 Test mode If a GSM / GPRS or a UMTS modem is installed in the FE260, the transmission data of the modem and the volume converter are simultaneously output to the send data line of the DSUB9 socket on the modem module.
  • Page 22: Function Of The Light-Emitting Diodes (Led)

    4.5 Function of the light-emitting diodes (LED) The function of the online LED on the lid of the FE260 as well as the LEDs on a GSM / GPRS / UMTS modem module depends on the built-in modem type. Which modem type is installed can be distinguished by...
  • Page 23: Function Of The Light-Emitting Diodes On The Svb Board Of The Fe260

    FE260 Operating Manual 4.5.2 Function of the light-emitting diodes on the SVB board of the FE260 Status Meaning No data is sent Data is sent No data is received Data is received 4.5.3 Function of the light-emitting diodes on the GSM/GPRS/UMTS modem Function of the LEDs on a “ECM-GW120”...
  • Page 24 TCP socket connection active, during TCP data transmission Because the FE260 is always supplied by mains, typically one of the call acceptance windows 5 or 6 is always open. Flashes invers to LED1 „GSM“ „Single“ flashing (100ms on, 2s off) → Modem registered to the 2G home network „Double“...
  • Page 25: A Approvals

    FE260 Operating Manual Approvals EC Declaration of Conformance...
  • Page 26: Approval As Associated Operating Equipment

    Operating Manual FE260 Approval as associated operating equipment...
  • Page 27 FE260 Operating Manual...
  • Page 28 Operating Manual FE260...
  • Page 29 FE260 Operating Manual...
  • Page 30: B Technical Data

    Operating Manual FE260 Technical data General data (mechanical and ambient conditions) Housing/structure ......Wall-mounted housing, Aluminium cast alloy G AI SI 12 / DIN 1775 Dimensions (W x H x T) ....approx. 290 x 175 x 102 mm with cable entry glands and hinges Cable union glands ......
  • Page 31: Intrinsically Safe Power Supply For The Volume Corrector

    FE260 Operating Manual Intrinsically safe power supply for the volume corrector Also suitable for supplying the EK260 volume corrector. “U” Designation ........Cable connection ......Screw terminals, blue Cable cross-sectional area .... 0.5...1.5 mm² Fit wire-end sleeves to flexible stranded wires...
  • Page 32: Serial Data Interface To The Volume Corrector

    40 to 50 mA switching current ** * With a cable length of more than 10 m between the FE260 and the volume corrector (intrinsically safe electrical circuit) the maximum frequency cannot be guaranteed. (See B-5 and Chapter 0).