Troubleshooting - GE 22158 User Manual

3 speed wall control for fans 120v 60hz
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CAUTION: Shut off main power supply before carrying out any of these checks.
1. Fan will not start:
-Check main and branch circuit fuses or breakers.
-Check to make sure the wall switch is in the on position.
2. Remote control will not work:
- Ensure the control is wired correctly and receiving power.
- Ensure battery is new and installed correctly.
- Ensure the switches are set correctly.
- Sync the remote by following the syncing procedure above.
Wall Control Syncing
Step 2. Install the 23A 12V battery provided.
Hold button to cycle between maximum and
minimum light .
In Case Of Interference With Several Fans, You Can Change
The Transmitter Code To Operate A Single Fan Only.
Step 1.
Switch off the power to the fan.
Step .
2 Use the on/off switch on the transmitter to
turn power on to the fan.
Step 3. Within 30 sec, switch the lock "
" switch on the front of the transmitter to lock
position. And then push the sync "
approximately 5-10 sec, until the fan light kit
flashes 3 times.
Trouble Shooting
" / unlock
" button for



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