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Wall Control Operation - GE 22158 User Manual

3 speed wall control for fans 120v 60hz


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Medium Speed
Low Speed
-Lock/unlock switch when placed in the unlock position
In the unlock
position : The transmitter will send a common code, this transmitter will operate all other GE BRANDED fans with the same receiver
In lock
position : Allows a unique code to be sent to the receiver in the fan. Only the receiver of this fan will be synced with this transmitter in
lock position. More than one fan can be synced with one transmitter, in this case-follow sync instruction for each fan.
-To prevent damage to transmitter, remove the battery if not used for long periods.
-Please contact your local batteries recycling center for proper battery disposal information.

Wall Control Operation

allows a common code to be sent .
Operation Indicator
High Speed
For convenience, the transmitter has been
preset by the factory in the unlock position.
With this setting the transmitter will work
with GE Branded compatible fans without any
further programing.
" O " and " I " dim switch
For this fan, the dim switch should be in
the "I" position, allowing for dimming of
the light . Place the switch in the "0"
position to turn the dimming feature off
if you do not want the dimming feature.


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