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Cisco SPA 303 Package Contents Manual page 2

3–line ip phone
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* Before you install and connect your phone, verify with your phone administrator (if applicable)
that the network is read for the phone, read the safety notices, and make sure you have all the
phone parts and documentation available.
1. Turn the phone body over to expose the ports on the back of the unit.
2. Insert the long end of the phone cord into the handset port on the phone body.
3. Insert the other end of the phone cord into the port at the bottom of the handset.
4. Insert one end of the power cord into an outlet and insert the other end of the power
cord into the power port on the phone body.
* Connecting Cisco SPA 303 3 to the network
5. Insert one end of the Ethernet cable into the network port of the phone body marked
6. Insert the other end of the Ethernet cable into the appropriate device, such as network
switch, on your network.
* If the phone does not start, confirm your installation and connections. If these are
correct, try unplugging the phone and plugging it back in again. If you still don't see the
display, please contact us.
1. Handset
2. Message
Waiting Indicator
14. Keypad
1. Handset: Pick up to place or answer a call.
2. Message Waiting Indicator: Displays solid red
when you have a new voicemail. Flashes red during
an incoming call or when the phone's firmware is
being updated.
3. LCD Screen: Displays date and time, phone station
name, line extensions and soft key options.
4. Line keys: Indicates phone line status.
Off (unlit): Line is idle.
Green: Line is active or in use.
Green (blinking): There is an incoming call.
Red (blinking): Line is on hold.
* Line key colors depend on your system and may
5. Soft key Buttons: Perform the action shown on the
label on the LCD Screen.
Cisco SPA 303 3 Parts & Functions
3. LCD Screen
13. Speaker Button
6. Navigation Button: Navigates through items
shown on LCD screen.
7. Message Button: Access to voicemail (must be
set up your phone administrator)/
8. Hold Button: Press [Hold] to place a call on hold.
9. Set up Button: Access to MENU to configure
features and preferences.
10. Mute Button: Press [Mute] to mute or unmute
the phone.
11. Headset Button: Press [Headset] to turn the
headset on or off.
12. Volume Button: Adjusts the volume.
13. Speaker Button: Press [Speaker] to turn the
speaker on or off.
14. Keypad: Used to dial phone numbers, enter
letters and choose MENU items.
4. Line Keys
5. Soft key Buttons
6. Navigation Buttons
7. Messages Button
8. Hold Button
9. Set up Button
10. Mute Button
11. Headset Button
12. Volume Button



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