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Precautions & Safety Instructions; Troubleshooting; Initialization Method - Cisco SPA 303 Package Contents Manual

3–line ip phone
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Precautions & Safety Instructions
The following instructions help use Cisco SPA 303 3 properly and prevent
accidents. Failure to follow these instructions would void the product's warranty
and accident may happen.
• Immediately unplug the device from the power supply if there is a strange smell
and smoke. Don't use the device and immediately contact the dealer for repair.
Do not disassemble or modify. The device may malfunction, cause electric
shock and fire.
• Do not insert metal and keep the device dry. The device may malfunction,
cause electric shock and fire.
• Do not touch the device when lightning occurs. Doing so may cause an
electrical shock. Don't place near a flammable material. This may cause fire or
• Holding the phone on wet hands may cause electric shock. Don't place the
device in an extreme hot or cold place. Sudden temperature change may cause
malfunction of the device.
• Do not place in a damp, dusty or direct sunlight. This may trigger an explosion
of the device. Place in an even and stable location.
• Do not place the phone and earpiece near an absorbent and magnet material.
This may cause malfunction.


Please check the troubleshooting procedure before requesting a repair. If the problem
doesn't get resolved, please contact us. Agile Shop (

Initialization Method

Clear all data initialization process. You must set all the required information to start
initializing your service again.
1. Note the (000B82000xxxx) MAC address located at the bottom of the unit.
2. Press the [MENU] button and select [Config]. Then, select [Factory Reset] and
confirm by selecting [OK].



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