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Operation - Siemens OpenAir GLB141.1P Technical Instructions

Electronic damper actuators, enhanced non-spring return rotary
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Technical Instructions
Document Number 155-785
January 20, 2017


A continuous 0 to 10 Vdc or 2 to 10 Vdc signal from a controller to wire 8 (Y) operates
the damper actuator. The angle of rotation is proportional to the control signal. A 0(2) to
10 Vdc position feedback output signal is available between wire 9 (U) and wire 2 (G0) to
monitor the position of the damper motor.
In the event of a power failure, the actuator holds its position. In the event that only the
control signal is lost, the actuator returns to the 0 position.
Life expectancy
An improperly tuned loop will cause excessive repositioning that will shorten the life of
the actuator.
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OpenAir™ GLB Enhanced Non-Spring Return Rotary Electronic Damper Actuator
Figure 9. Parts of the Actuator.
1. Base plate
2. Positioning scale for angle of rotation
3. DIP switches
4. Cover for DIP switches
5. Conduit adapter
6. Connection cable
7. Manual override
8. Coupling bushing
9. Factory-installed 1/2-inch guide
10. Auxiliary Switch A
11. Auxiliary Switch B
12. Position indicator
13. Adjustment lever with
locking screw (4 mm hex)
14. Set screw for mechanical
range stop (4 mm hex)
15. Mounting bracket
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