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Siemens OpenAir GLB141.1P Technical Instructions page 4

Electronic damper actuators, enhanced non-spring return rotary
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Technical Instructions
Document Number 155-785
January 20, 2017
Figure 4. Rotary-to-Linear with Bracket.
Page 4
OpenAir™ GLB Enhanced Non-Spring Return Rotary Electronic Damper Actuator
Figure 5. Shaft Insert.
Figure 6. 1/2-inch Shaft Guide.
Figure 7. NEMA Type 4X Weather Shield.
ASK71.6: Allows economical mounting of
an OpenAir actuator to a variety of
Should be used in applications where the
actuator can be rigid-surface mounted
and a linear stroke output is needed.
ASK78.3U: Shaft inserts for use with
3/8-inch (8 to 10 mm) diameter shafts.
(10/pk). Included in box with GDE/GLB
Factory-installed 1/2-inch guide
must be removed prior to
985-101P25: Shaft guide, 1/2-inch (25/pk).
Factory-installed with GDE/GLB Series.
ASK75.7U: GLB Actuators are UL listed to
meet NEMA Type 4X requirements (a
degree of protection against falling dirt, rain,
sleet, snow, windblown dust, splashing
water, hose-directed water, corrosion, and
damage from external ice formation) when
installed with an ASK75.7U Weather Shield
and outdoor-rated conduit fittings. This
weather shield may be mounted in any
For dimensions, see Figure 27.
Siemens Industry, Inc.



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