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Siemens OpenAir GLB141.1P Technical Instructions page 10

Electronic damper actuators, enhanced non-spring return rotary
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Technical Instructions
Document Number 155-785
January 20, 2017
Manual Override
To move the damper blades and lock the position with no
power present:
1. Slide the red manual override knob toward the back of
2. Make adjustments to the damper position.
3. Slide the red manual override knob toward the front of
Once power is restored, the actuator returns to automated
To mechanically limit the range of the damper blade, do the following:
1. Loosen the stop set screw.
2. Move the screw along the track to
To use the entire 0(2) to 10V input signal to control the mechanically limited range,
see Figure 14 for setting self-adaptive features.
Stop set screw at 70°
Self-adapt switch ON
Input signal Y = 5 Vdc
The damper will be at 35° (50% of the adjusted range).
All wiring must conform to NEC and local codes and regulations.
Use earth ground isolating step-down Class 2 transformers. Do not use autotransformers.
The sum of the VA ratings of all actuators and all other components powered by one
transformer must not exceed the rating of the transformer.
It is recommended that one transformer power no more than 10 actuators.
Page 10
OpenAir™ GLB Enhanced Non-Spring Return Rotary Electronic Damper Actuator
the actuator.
the actuator.
the desired position, and fasten it
in place.
Figure 17. Moving the Mechanical Range Stop.
Figure 16.
Manual Override.
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