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Electrolux EVEP916 Installation & User Manual

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90cm Cooker
Installation & User manual



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  • Page 1 EVEP916 EFEP956 EFEP916 EFE914 90cm Cooker Installation & User manual...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Model number: ____________________________________ warranty provided with your product. Products must be used, installed and operated in accordance with this manual. You may not be able to claim on the Electrolux Serial number: _____________________________________ manufacturer’s warranty in the event that your product...
  • Page 3: General Warnings

    GENERAL WARNINGS Please read this user manual carefully and store in a • Do not install an aftermarket lid or cover over handy place for later reference. Pass the user manual this appliance. on to possible new owners of the appliance. •...
  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS INFORMATION ON DISPOSAL INDUCTION HOB MODEL FOR USERS • In order to avoid a fire do not store items on the cooking surface. ENVIRONMENT! • Do not place heat resistant mats, wire mats or aluminium foil under pots and pans.
  • Page 5: Evep916 Components

    EVEP916 COMPONENTS Multi function electric oven and programmable controller ON/OFF Cook time control Temperature display Light on/off Delay end control Cook time display Cooking function selector Set clock and timer control Delay end display Steam cooking option Instant confirm Clock/timer display...
  • Page 6: Efep956 Components

    EFEP956 COMPONENTS Induction hob, multi function electric oven and programmable controller ON/OFF Cook time control Temperature display Light on/off Delay end control Cook time display Cooking function selector Set clock and timer control Delay end display Steam cooking option...
  • Page 7: Efep916 Components

    EFEP916 COMPONENTS Gas hob, multi function electric oven and programmable controller ON/OFF Cook time control Temperature display Light on/off Delay end control Cook time display Cooking function selector Set clock and timer control Delay end display Steam cooking option Instant confirm Clock/timer display Temperature control Cooking function display...
  • Page 8: Efe914 Components

    EFE914 COMPONENTS Gas hob, multi-function electric oven with electronic timer Cooking function selector Temperature control Electronic clock control Clock/timer display Oven indicator Rapid burner control Quadruple glazed door Semi rapid burner control Gas hob Storage door Auxiliary burner control...
  • Page 9: Before Using Your Appliance

    BEFORE USING YOUR APPLIANCE Preparing the appliance Programmable controller (EVEP916, EFEP916, EFEP956) Please remove all stickers, leaflets and boxes from the door and from the floor of the oven After the appliance has been electrically connected before operation. “Set Clock” will illuminate under the clock display and the Hour digits will flash.
  • Page 10 BEFORE USING YOUR APPLIANCE (CONTINUED) Slides (Telescopic runners) Installing the side racks The oven is supplied with a set of slides and Insert the rear peg into the rear access hole instructions on how to assemble. Ensure the provided, ensuring peg is fully inserted.
  • Page 11 BEFORE USING YOUR APPLIANCE (CONTINUED) Positioning the dishes on the grill dish carrier Fitting the shelves and grill dish carrier onto telescopic slides To fit a shelf or grill dish carrier to telescopic slides: With the slides fully pushed in, push the shelf/carrier along the top of the slide until it hits the back post.
  • Page 12: Before Using Your Appliance - Gas Hob Model

    BEFORE USING THE APPLIANCE - GAS HOB MODEL Installing the trivets Position the middle trivet ensuring the trivet fingers are aligned with the side trivet fingers. Position the 2 side trivets onto the hob first, ensuring the 2 corner location recesses are The wok support sits on top of the trivet above to the back of the hob.
  • Page 13: Using The Oven

    When the temperature is reached, “Set temperature reached” will appear, only the target temperature will Operating your programmable controller model be displayed. (EVEP916, EFEP916, EFEP956) Turning the oven on • Switch on the oven by touching the ON/OFF symbol.
  • Page 14 USING THE OVEN (CONTINUED) the food. This combination will heat up your oven 30% Operating the touch control clock models EFE914 quicker than it would on standard “Bake”. The oven will automatically revert to the set cooking function once the preset temperature is reached.
  • Page 15 Check the clock displays the correct time of day. Select the desired oven function and temperature. Operating the programmable controller models The oven indicator light will glow and the heating (EVEP916, EFEP916, EFEP956) source will come on. Cooking with the timer Press until the “end time”...
  • Page 16 USING THE OVEN (CONTINUED) IMPORTANT! Touch the ‘delay end’ symbol to move the end • When you use the ‘cook time’ function, the ‘Finishes time forward. at’ display activates and tells you what time of day Touch ‘OK’ or after 8 seconds from the last time the oven will turn off (based on the set cook time).
  • Page 17 USING THE OVEN (CONTINUED) Setting the count up timer The timer can be used independently of the oven for measuring a count up period. There is no alert provided with this timer. Touch either ‘timer’ 00min will be displayed along with a bell and the up arrow will flash.
  • Page 18 USING THE OVEN (CONTINUED) Select ‘KEY TONE’ to turn the ‘beep on touch’ Condensation on or off. Excess condensation may fog the oven door. This may Select ‘SCREEN BRIGHTNESS’ to adjust the happen when cooking large quantities of food from a cold brightness of the display.
  • Page 19: Steam Assisted Baking

    STEAM ASSISTED BAKING All Electrolux range of ovens have the ability to add steam CAUTION while baking. Do not refill the cavity well with water during Cooking with steam is a great addition to straight ‘hot cooking or when the oven is hot.
  • Page 20: Using The Food Probe

    USING THE FOOD PROBE (EVEP916, EFEP916, EFEP956) The Food Probe measures the core temperature of Select a cooking function by pressing the the food. When the food reaches the desired set core function or function as many times as necessary temperature, the oven turns off.
  • Page 21 USING THE FOOD PROBE (CONTINUED) Fish Put the plug of the Food Probe into the socket on the top right hand corner of the front frame. For best results, place the whole fish onto the wire rack Ensure plug is fully inserted into the socket. and prop it up in the swimming position (i.e.
  • Page 22 USING THE FOOD PROBE (CONTINUED) Core temperatures of different foods The appliance will calculate the approximate end time. The end time is different for different The temperatures in the table are given as a guide and quantities of food, set oven temperatures and may vary depending on the composition of the food.
  • Page 23: Oven Cooking Functions

    OVEN COOKING FUNCTIONS – EFE914 Symbol Function Description Rapid Heat Heat comes from the element surrounding the fan as well as the smaller element above the food. This allows you to preheat your oven 30% quicker than on standard ‘Bake’. ‘Rapid Heat’ is ideal for cooking frozen pre-cooked foods such as savoury pastries, pizzas, mini meals (TV dinners), meat pies and fruit pies.
  • Page 24 Grill Boost ‘Grill Boost’ directs radiant heat from 2 powerful upper elements onto the food. You can use the ‘Maxi Grill’ function for tender cuts of meat, steak, chops, sausages, fish, cheese toasties and other quick cooking foods. Grill with the oven door closed.
  • Page 25 OVEN COOKING FUNCTIONS – EVEP916, EFEP916, EFEP956 Symbol Function Description Fan cook Heat comes from the element surrounding the fan. This fan circulates the hot air around the oven cavity so that you can put your food in different places in the oven and still cook them at the same time.
  • Page 26 OVEN COOKING FUNCTIONS (CONTINUED) Symbol Function Description Left grill The ‘Left Grill’ directs radiant heat from only one of the powerful upper elements onto the food. The ‘Left Grill’ function is used instead of ‘Full Grill’ when only half the amount of grill area is needed.
  • Page 27: Oven Baking Guide

    OVEN BAKING GUIDE Oven shelf location Your oven has 5 positions for mounting the shelves or grill dish carrier. These are numbered from 1 (the lowest shelf position) to 5 (the highest shelf position). See diagram. To give maximum space above and below the shelves, load them in this way: •...
  • Page 28: Steam Cooking

    STEAM COOKING Modes with Oven Fan Food Temperature ˚C Oven shelf position* Time in minutes single shelf multi shelf Scones Plain or fruit 2 or 3 1 & 3 10 – 15 Biscuits Rolled 2 or 3 1 & 3 13 –...
  • Page 29: Oven Cooking Guide

    OVEN COOKING GUIDE Roasting meat As a method of cooking, grilling can be used to: Place the meat in the oven and set the temperature • Enhance the flavours of vegetables, fish, poultry and meat. between 180°C and 200°C. (It is recommended •...
  • Page 30: Dealing With Cooking Problems

    DEALING WITH COOKING PROBLEMS Problem Causes Remedies Uneven cooking: Incorrect shelf position. Select shelf that puts food in the centre of the oven. Oven tray too large. Experiment with other trays or dishes. Trays not centralised. Centre trays. Air flow in oven uneven.
  • Page 31: Oven Cooking Tips

    OVEN COOKING TIPS • For best baking results preheat oven for 30 minutes. Simple Test Cake Recipe • Select the correct shelf location for food being cooked. Ingredients • One of the grill trays can be used in the oven as a 125g butter, softened to room temperature baking dish.
  • Page 32: Oven Troubleshooting

    OVEN TROUBLESHOOTING If there is a problem with your appliance, please check the points listed below before calling for service. It may be possible to avoid a call by fixing the problem yourself and be able to continue cooking.
  • Page 33: Using The Induction Hob

    USING THE INDUCTION HOB Use the sensor fields to operate the appliance. The displays, indicators and sounds tell which functions operate. Sensor field Function Activates and deactivates the hob. Locks and unlocks the control panel. Activates and deactivates the STOP + GO function. Heat setting display Indicates the selected heat setting.
  • Page 34 USING THE INDUCTION HOB (CONTINUED) Display Function Indicates the cooking zone is deactivated. Indicates the cooking zone is operated. Indicates the function is operated. Indicates the Automatic Heat Up function is operated. Indicates the Power function is operated. Indicates there is a malfunction (refer to malfunction list).
  • Page 35 USING THE INDUCTION HOB (CONTINUED) Activation and deactivation The heat setting Touch for 1 second to activate or deactivate the To adjust the heat setting, place your finger over the heat appliance. bar graphic and slide across. The display will show the adjusted heat setting.
  • Page 36 USING THE INDUCTION HOB (CONTINUED) Power management IMPORTANT! Power management divides the power between the When the two timer functions operate at the same time, front and rear zones for each of the 2 outer modules. the display shows the count up timer first.
  • Page 37 USING THE INDUCTION HOB (CONTINUED) Deactivating the beep sound Child safety lock The beeping sound can be deactivated if required. Use this function to prevent an accidental operation of the hob. • First deactivate the hob. • To activate this function, first turn the hob on by •...
  • Page 38 USING THE INDUCTION HOB (CONTINUED) Hob2Hood Changing the automatic mode This is an advanced automatic function which connects Deactivate the appliance the hob to a special hood. Both the hob and the hood 2. Touch for 3 seconds. The display comes on have an infra-red signal communicator.
  • Page 39 USING THE INDUCTION HOB (CONTINUED) Helpful hints and tips Use of the cooking zones IMPORTANT! IMPORTANT Induction cooking uses a strong electromagnetic Always ensure the normal sized cookware is field to induce energy into the metal of the centred over the crosses of the heating zones. cookware.
  • Page 40: Induction Hob Troubleshooting

    INDUCTION HOB TROUBLESHOOTING If there is a problem with the appliance, please check the points listed below before calling for service. It may be possible to avoid a call by fixing the problem yourself and be able to continue cooking.
  • Page 41 INDUCTION HOB TROUBLESHOOTING (CONTINUED) Problem Possible cause Remedy The electrical connection is incorrect. Speak to a qualified electrician to check comes on. The supply voltage is out of range. the installation. There is an error in the appliance Deactivate the appliance. Remove the comes on.
  • Page 42: Using The Gas Hob

    USING THE GAS HOB 22.0 MJ/h dual valve wok burner. 9.0MJ/h Medium heat Left hand front burner control. Used for very fast heating with burners. Used for simmering Wok burner dual control. woks and large cookware. with mid-sized cookware.
  • Page 43: Gas Hob Troubleshooting

    GAS HOB TROUBLESHOOTING If there is a problem with the appliance, please check the points listed below before calling for service. It may be possible to avoid a call by fixing the problem yourself and be able to continue cooking. Problem Possible cause Remedy...
  • Page 44: Cleaning Your Appliance

    • A suitable cleaner can be purchased from Electrolux before the surface has cooled down, otherwise pitting Customer Care Centres. of the surface can occur.
  • Page 45 CLEANING YOUR APPLIANCE (CONTINUED) Oven Releasing the grill element • Always keep your appliance clean. Ensure that fats To release the grill element so that the oven roof can be and oils do not accumulate around elements or fans. accessed for cleaning, push the element upwards and rotate the 3 clips backwards and away from the element •...
  • Page 46: Pyrolitic Cleaning

    CLEANING YOUR APPLIANCE WITH PYROLITIC CLEANING EVEP916, EFEP956 & EFEP916 Clean limestone residue from the cavity well. Choose your Pyrolytic cleaning cycle from Cleaning Reminder the following: After a recommended period of time the oven will remind you to clean the oven. Once this period of time has...
  • Page 47 CLEANING YOUR APPLIANCE WITH PYROLITIC CLEANING (CONTINUED) Select the Pyrolytic clean function. IMPORTANT Use cooking function selector to pick the ‘pyro clean’ At the beginning of Pyrolytic cleaning the door will function. automatically lock will appear on the display. During the Pyrolytic cleaning cycle there may be some burn off odours.
  • Page 48: Cleaning The Oven Door

    CLEANING THE OVEN DOOR WARNING Slides (telescopic runners) Inner Glass • Do not subject slides to temperatures greater than 300°C. Middle Glass x 2 • Do not place slides in a dishwasher. • Do not use a knife or sharp objects to clean slides.
  • Page 49 CLEANING THE OVEN DOOR (CONTINUED) Storage compartment (selected models) The storage compartment is accessible through the pivoting door. Unused oven racks and grill dishes can be stored here. WARNING! DO NOT store flammable or combustible items in the storage compartments. This is not a compartment for warming food.
  • Page 50: Installation Of Efe914, Efep916 & Efep956

    Dimensions • The surrounding kitchen cabinets must be able to withstand 85°C. Electrolux WILL NOT accept responsibility for damage caused by installation into kitchen cabinets which cannot withstand 85°C. • The pipes used for installation MUST have sufficient loops so the cooker can be moved for service (gas models).
  • Page 51 INSTALLATION OF EFE914, EFEP916 & EFEP956 (CONTINUED) Freestanding installation The freestanding type installation requires four screw- Four screw-in feets are supplied with the appliance and in feet to be installed before it can be fitted in between can be found in the accessories pack in the oven. cabinets, with cabinets on one side or without adjacent Freestanding models are supplied with a clip-on kick panel.
  • Page 52 INSTALLATION OF EFE914, EFEP916 & EFEP956 (CONTINUED) Installation of screw-in feet Freestanding appliance are supplied with four screw-in feet in the internal accessory pack. The screw-in feet can be adusted by turning the lower half clockwise or anti-clockwise. IMPORTANT!
  • Page 53 INSTALLATION OF EFE914, EFEP916 & EFEP956 (CONTINUED) The following steps must be followed to ensure the correct Installing splashback installation of anti-tilt brackets and the stability of the appliances. CAUTION It is not recommended to push and pull the appliance on uneven or rough surface.
  • Page 54 INSTALLATION OF EFE914, EFEP916 & EFEP956 (CONTINUED) WARNING Appropriate fasteners must be used to suit the type of wall on which the anti-tilt brackets are installed. The anti-tilt brackets must be secured to the rear wall of the cavity with appropriate fastener according to dimensions in diagram.
  • Page 55 INSTALLATION OF EFE914, EFEP916 & EFEP956 (CONTINUED) Assemble the clip snap onto the base. Press in both assembled clip modules into the kick panel in the orientation as shown below. Make sure both clip modules are in the same orientation after installation. Clip the kick panel onto the front feet of the appliance.
  • Page 56 INSTALLATION OF EFE914, EFEP916 & EFEP956 (CONTINUED) Slot-in installation The slot-in type installation use the appliance as supplied. The appliance can be mounted on a plinth. This enables a continous cupboard kickboard to be installed, giving a more intergrated appearance. There is no clearance requirement between oven and adjacent side cabinets.
  • Page 57 INSTALLATION OF EFE914, EFEP916 & EFEP956 (CONTINUED) The anti-tilt brackets are to be secured to the back wall Once services are connected, product can be lifted with appropriate fasteners. onto the plinth and pushed back carefully, ensuring the appliance engages into both brackets at the rear and Two stops are to be screwed to the plinth in locations as the front stops.
  • Page 58: Installation Of Evep916

    INSTALLATION OF EVEP916 Underbench installation Your underbench oven looks best when the control panel is directly under the benchtop. An upper infill panel may be added if the cooktop placed above the benchtop is too deep. *Refer to cooktop installation instructions for required clearance between cooktop and oven.
  • Page 59: Cabinet Construction For Built-In Oven

    CABINET CONSTRUCTION FOR BUILT IN OVEN 20mm 20mm (see NOTE) 100mm max. 900mm Infill panel cupboard 16mm thickness door Oven dimensions 572mm 552mm 895mm...
  • Page 60: Wiring Requirements

    Rated Power Input Model Total kW A1 kW A2 kW Electrical connection location - Model EVEP916 EFEP956 15.2 IMPORTANT! Before you cook in your new oven it is important that the protective oils used in the manufacture of the product be removed.
  • Page 61: Electrical And Gas Connections

    ELECTRICAL & GAS CONNECTIONS Models EFE914, EFEP916, EFEP956 Checking piping size To work out a suitable pipe size for connection use the Gas connection Gas hose restraints point to regulator information in this table: point to regular Models: EFEP916, models: EFEP916, EFE914 EFE914 Model...
  • Page 62: Lpg Conversion For Efe914 & Efep916

    LPG CONVERSION MODELS EFEP916 & EFE914 This appliance is supplied set up for Natural Gas usage. • Check that the regulator has been fitted to the gas supply line in the correct orientation, the A conversion kit is included with the product for Universal arrow on the base of the body indicates the LPG usage.
  • Page 63: Testing The Operation Of The Gas Cooker

    This is located on the regulator. NOTE: When flame is unsatisfactory, then refer to the Turn on the gas supply and the electricity and try Electrolux Technical Publications and correct the fault, to ignite the gas. if possible.
  • Page 64: Warranty

    Guarantee Act does not apply. warranty. 11. C onfidentiality: You accept that if you make a warranty claim, Electrolux 7. Exclusions: You may not make a claim under this warranty unless the and its agents including ASC may exchange information in relation to you defect claimed is due to faulty or defective parts or workmanship.
  • Page 65: Notes

  • Page 66 NOTES...
  • Page 67 NOTES...
  • Page 68 0800 436 245 fax: 0800 225 088 email: web: To add a touch of professional inspiration to your home, visit or or P/No. A17030801 Rev:B ECN: 101105 © 2019 Electrolux Home Products Pty Ltd. EMAN_E100_90cm_Cooker_May19...

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